View Full Version : FinPro wins the Logitech Project CARS Trophy!

Rob Prange
10-08-2015, 13:23
Project CARS eSports Live at Gamescom is now over and Finnish driver FinPro has taken home the Logitech Project CARS Trophy with a close win ahead of Racer from GT Club, and SoniK from SDL Motorsport!

For more, check out the frontpage story:


TheReaper GT
10-08-2015, 14:31
Congrats to them.... But I only have eyes for the gorgeous LMS Ultra, one of the drivers is the son of Hans J. Stuck, the legend. :D:D

10-08-2015, 14:58
Damn!!!... Wish I'd known this was on I would have liked to have watched this over the net broadcast? :(....

But you just know that there are still going to be people (Knockers) say that this Sim/Game is unplayable & waste of time e.t.c, Of which there are many on these forums, Despite Logitech & all concerned doing a stint like this... Just goes to show how Damn good this Sim/Game really is & getting better with each Update/Patch that are on the horizon..... Bring it on!!!..... Fantastic Stuff :applause: :eagerness:...

Congrats to FINPRO.... Nicely done :eagerness:..


10-08-2015, 15:05
Congrats to FinPro!

Benjamin Benichou
11-08-2015, 19:11
You can read a interview of Finpro on Facebook.com/projectcarscommunityfrance

Andy Tudor
12-08-2015, 20:10
See if you can spot Yinato here ;)


12-08-2015, 22:11
Congrats to FinPro!

Good stuff - shame you can't be so quick off the mark with announcing winners and distributing prizes for the other events.....

13-08-2015, 05:58
See if you can spot Yinato here ;)


Yinato shoes spotted couple seconds before Yinato itself !

also a Big thank you to Andy and Logitech staff who made this event possible. These people really know how to throw these kind of events!

13-08-2015, 14:21
Wow, respect FinPro well done.

PS: Those Finns :rolleyes: