View Full Version : Community Events - Don't know what to do

19-09-2015, 21:42
PS4 player here.
I have just started to take an interest in the Community Events on the menu. Its not clear what to do though.

I tried event 30 around Nuremberg GP circuit in a Merc - obtained a clean laptime of 2:03 (which is a bit of a way off of the lead time on the leaderboard of 1:54, but you have to start somewhere!).

Then what do you do once you have a good lap time? Exit?

I've exiting about 4 times now and my time does not appear on the leaderboard??!?!?

20-09-2015, 06:38
You have to exit, but make sure to press "yes" to the saving question. "no" is the default, so if you X out quickly you loose your precious timed lap!

By the way, this should be auto-saved. Justsaying...

20-09-2015, 16:59
Thanks, I was doing that, it seems it takes about 20 minutes to upload to the Leaderboards, hence my confusion! They are there now. Did another lap and beat than time, took about 25 minutes for it to update.

20-09-2015, 18:30
Yes sometimes it takes longer than others, but in my experience it always updates eventually.