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Joseph Barron
28-09-2015, 11:40
As the SMS-R Championship is really heating up, we've started a new series of articles on projectcarsgame.com (http://projectcarsgame.com), interviewing the top teams to put you guys in the spotlight as we build up to the end of the season.

The first of these articles is about Team Shark Racing, better known as TS Racing on the leaderboards.

We'll be contacting more teams to contribute to these articles soon, and we hope to post them one per month.


projectcarsgame.com/home/drive-the-road-to-the-finals-ts-racing (http://projectcarsgame.com/home/drive-the-road-to-the-finals-ts-racing)

29-09-2015, 00:34
Thank you to Joseph and to all the staff, it is a beautiful tribute that you make us!


29-09-2015, 10:18
I met Yinato and Racer at gamescom and really have to say they are one of the nicest and fastest people ive ever met. Respect !

29-09-2015, 21:13
All the TSRacing really apreciate this article ! we want to thank all the staff for this :cool: We really work very hard on each round so it is reward for us. :o

We also want to thank all the guys who follow and support our team. The website is coming very soon...

Count on us to keep pushing until the last minute of the last round to win the championship !!!

Joseph Barron
09-10-2015, 13:09
Here's the second SMS-R team interview on the website. This time it's with SDL.


Kevin Leaune
09-10-2015, 14:31
Thanks you very much!

Joseph Barron
09-11-2015, 15:41
Here's the latest Project CARS eSports team interview!

This time it's with TX3.