View Full Version : Ginetta G40 Junior template with logos?

22-10-2015, 23:48
How did you folks who made custom G40 liveries get the "Ginetta" number board?

I looked in the template thread but there is only one G40 download but it doesn't include the series logos.

24-10-2015, 10:35
Maybe can you take series logos from another template, and copy/paste them on the G40 *.psd ? (You'll have to place them yourself, but it shouldn't be difficult ^^). Or better, you can make them by yourself. It'll make your custom livery more personnal ;)

26-10-2015, 01:59
Yep thanks, I'm a noob to all this image editing stuff. I think i eventually ended up doing exactly that.. copy/paste a logo from another livery.