View Full Version : Paris Games Week: Weds Oct 28: Live stream and more!

Joseph Barron
26-10-2015, 16:43
Hi everyone!

Project CARS will be at Paris Games Week on Wednesday October 28. We're taking over the ESL Arena for an entire day of racing, with lots of familiar faces from SDL, TS Racing and many other regulars from the Driver Network Championship.

The action will be live streamed from 9am until 4pm CEST at http://twitch.tv/esl_projectcars and http://twitch.tv/esl_france. I will be at the event as well and will be taking questions from fans on the live stream in the afternoon.

If you'd like to watch the action in person, the first time ever that Project CARS has been featured in an ESL Arena, then you can get tickets for Paris Games Week at:

Joseph Barron
02-11-2015, 16:24
Here are the results from Paris Games Week!

Huge thanks to everyone who took part, and everyone who watched live in the Arena or on the Twitch stream.



09-11-2015, 00:17
Looks like everyone had fun .

But the "race line" aid has to go on a broadcast, looks horrible.