View Full Version : Race Team - Recruiting Drivers and Pit Crew

01-11-2015, 22:35
Now that Project cars is going to be involved in the e-sports industry i thought i would create a team that will provide you with all the support you will need. Butler Racing will provide you with a pit chief and organise practice and tuning sessions for any upcoming races you may have.
This stretches to support for league races not just for e-sports but just in general. You will have a voice on the end of a mic when you are driving that will provide you with in race support and advice, just like the real drivers do!
Pre race preparation can be organised in the form of simulating conditions and wet/dry car set up advice as well as group practice!
If you are interested then go to www.butlerracing.co.uk and sign up their.

I am recruiting Team Drivers as well as Pit Crew who know a bit about car set ups and can help our drivers in race.