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Joseph Barron
11-11-2015, 13:19
Hi everyone.

Here are the results from Spa.


Great to see some of the underdogs putting in amazing performances this week! Several changes in the team and driver points too.

Kevin Leaune
11-11-2015, 14:37
Congratulations to all participants for this round :)

I just want requested opionion regarding the passage of TSR_Atho



Philippe Leaune
11-11-2015, 14:58
The car exceeds(overtakes) the white line, then why players is in the classification(ranking) .

Andy Tudor
11-11-2015, 15:40
White lines were not exceeded...


HOWEVER, we agree that this particular leaderboard entry was extremely tight having been reviewed independently by multiple people.

In the end though, both our own internal rules & regulations (http://www.projectcarsesports.com/info--regulations.html) and section 20.2 of the FIA Sporting Regulations both clearly state that...

Drivers must use the track at all times. For the avoidance of doubt the white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not.

A driver will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with the track.

Since two tires are still on the white lines therefore (however thin), the entry is valid.

Kevin Leaune
11-11-2015, 15:47
it is possible to see right after from vertical lines that is just left of the track

shoot at the same time I took the screenshot

Philippe Leaune
11-11-2015, 15:55
Mr Tudor your photos is not taken in the same place, the car goes then exceeded(overtaken) the white line, thank you very much

Kevin Leaune
11-11-2015, 16:26
Your photos does not match the ghost TSR_Atho


11-11-2015, 16:39
I think the SMS staff have better tools verification than a single camera view Mr Leaune.

On the replay we see an angle of view that distorts reality due to its location . If the camera was behind or in the right we'll see my right back wheel touched the line.

Andy Tudor
11-11-2015, 16:48
We are currently investigating this further. A resolution may not be found today but we'll report back as soon as we have a conclusion.

Kevin Leaune
11-11-2015, 17:09
OK !

Thanks you very much

Philippe Leaune
11-11-2015, 17:19
Thank you

Andy Tudor
12-11-2015, 16:12
After investigating the claim, reviewing further evidence, and verifying its validity the judgement is as follows...


SDL Motorsport dispute the validity of Atho's (TS Racing) lap from the Round 11 Re-Run in the SMS-R Driver Network Championship

Video of Atho's lap supplied by SDL xXPHILIPPEXx
Video of Atho's lap supplied by TSRacing_Atho

Both videos have been verified as authentic

"Drivers must use the track at all times. For the avoidance of doubt the white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not. A driver will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with the track."

Atho's vehicle does not leave the track. There is no point when all four tires are outside of the white lines.


The original allowing of Atho's lap remains. No changes to point allocation will occur.

As mentioned previously, this lap time was debated as it was extremely borderline. However, by the clear rules laid out, it does not break them.

A few words here...

Investigations like this are time-consuming for all involved and particularly stressful for both the accused and accusers. They can be avoided by all drivers bearing the track limits in mind as has been mentioned multiple times already. There has been a noticeable improvement over the course of the year and this is much appreciated. With just 4 rounds remaining and an extremely close battle at the top I would encourage all drivers to further heed this advice.

When reviewing each round, as has been mentioned previously also, we do so impartially. There are no favorites and no special treatment. Furthermore, attempting to deceive or mislead members of the review committee will be treated with severe penalty. This is not a warning to anyone or any team in particular nor related to this particular case, but is a clear message to all players and teams that you can have faith that we treat you all equally and fairly when it comes to competition. This has been demonstrated at our live events when you've met us in person and is reflected on the official site where all drivers and teams are showcased without prejudice.

Andy Tudor
12-11-2015, 16:21
Also as a note for any future disputes we class 'conclusive evidence' as...

- A full video of the entire lap (including a screen showing the names of both yourself and any relevant ghost data you brought in)
- Any disputed part should be shown from Chase camera

Kevin Leaune
12-11-2015, 19:06
Hello everyone,

I have just realized that the video of TSR_Atho is not a valid video.
After watching his YouTube video title and the functioning of the option SHARE on Playstation 4, I can already tell that this is a fake video.

I'll explain why.

SMS - R ended November 11 at 2:00 AM. When you recorded a video from the Playstation 4, the video is directly named with the name of the game, the date and time of capture.

Title video : Project CARS_20151111220247 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOmBSJ53F0s )

Game : Project CARS
Year : 2015
Month : 11
Day : 11
Time : 22h02mn47sec


Can noted that on the title of the TSR_Atho video, the video was taken on 11 November 22:02 so the SMS - R was completed. After the false pictures, we are left with a fake video on the part of TSR_Atho.

In addition to that idle lasts 9 seconds what he wants to say that the tour has not been finished but he only made the crossing of the "Raidillon" for the video

I actually conclude that the lap of TSR_Atho is not valid and is evidence of cheating with this fake video.

I ask the same punishment that could have in the past.

12-11-2015, 19:25
Your reasoning is good but you made a mistake, you confuse share a clip and save a clip. That's explain the difference of the date.

I think SMS staff have spend enought time on this case and have evaluate all possibilites before send a verdict.

Kevin Leaune
12-11-2015, 19:31
Not upon registration of the snapshot is the date and time that appears on the title of your YouTube video and YouTube time gives the date of publication.

Explain why your idle only lasts 9 seconds and why not actually show your full turn with your time, your name etc ...

Kevin Leaune
12-11-2015, 20:04
and now there are more video ...

Philippe Leaune
13-11-2015, 05:46
The video to present by Atho and not that of its stopwatch of the championship SMS-R, it proves the intention to lie to all the community and to lie to the organizers of the championship SMS-R .j' hope that a penalty will be taken against Atho, thank you.

15-11-2015, 20:15
This is exactley why I like borders around tracks for invalidating times. Sure its a lot of work bit on the end, theres no question of a good or bad lap.

Andy Tudor
16-11-2015, 15:50
After further investigation there is inconclusive evidence to support the claim that the video from Atho is illegitimate.

The current ruling will remain therefore.

Kevin Leaune
16-11-2015, 16:54
This is really a joke?

So for this you just have to put false pictures and fake videos?

that's how you wanted to make a Project CARS eSport discipline?

Bravo ! Clear Signs are evident and are you close your eyes! you definitely like to be manipulated with false false videos and photos!

Philippe Leaune
16-11-2015, 17:15
You take into account photos and video which are not valid of a player PS4, It is better for your championship to close eyes and to maintain the suspense, but it is not normal,