View Full Version : "bmw motorsport" livery non-existence for 320 turbo gr5

Speed Fiend
19-11-2015, 12:30
after selecting the bmw 320 turbo group 5, I exit back to main screen to proceed with selecting either career, practice, online etc. On the My garage screen a default picture of the 320 turbo gr 5 can be seen wearing bmw motorsport colors,( it is normal for a default pic with default livery to be shown in this place regardless of the livery chosen) however when searching for this livery I cannot locate it. IDK why wmd did not include this as a livery that can be chosen. It does not make sense to me but maybe someone can explain the reason behind this, or maybe it was just an oversight. if it was an oversight, its one that should def be fixed. IMHO all bmw's should have an available "bmw motorsport livery" :confused:

Azure Flare
20-11-2015, 08:23
First of all, wrong section.

Second, it's about time for another livery pack. We don;'t know how many cars are gatting new ones, but a couple of liveries have been found for the Bentley Continental GT3. If you want to try to see the car in those colors, try spamming the random livery and it might pop up.

20-11-2015, 08:38
I doubt it's the wrong sections as it is obviously about car designs ;)

But with his main point I think Azure Flare is right, it might have something to do with upcoming livery packs. IIRC there was a similiar issue with the Ford Capri, showing up with a Würth livery in preview which was available some days later. (And you have indeed a good chance to hit it with random livery - same with #84 Nordschleife Bentley)

20-11-2015, 12:01
Looking at the pCars Instagram: https://instagram.com/projectcarsgame/

A tease from about a week ago, showing the livery you are talking about, along with comments:
projectcarsgame; Not your typical BMW 320i #newlivery #bmwjuniorteam #DeutscheRennsportMeisterschaft