View Full Version : SMS-R Mercedes GT3 at Bathurst - TRACK LIMITS

Joseph Barron
20-11-2015, 09:35
Round 14 of the Driver Network Championship: GT3 at Bathurst opens today.

As always, remember that the white lines are the track limits without exception. You must always have 2 wheels at least touching the white line for your lap to be considered valid.

If, while driving, you think that there is any risk of your current lap being considered invalid, please back off and try again. This will prevent an invalid lap from being recorded as your fastest and an invalid ghost being uploaded to the leaderboard.

We will check all of the ghosts on Monday night. Anybody outside the track limits at any point on their fastest lap will not have their lap included in the results.

It should be difficult to cut the track at Bathurst with the walls so close to the circuit, however please be careful. Particularly through the chicanes and at the exit of turn 2.

The more of you that go beyond track limits, the harder it is for us to post legitimate results and the more likely it is that we will have disputes between drivers and teams which make the championship more difficult for everyone. So please respect the white lines.

If you think that your lap might be considered borderline on track limits, please record screenshots and/or video of the lap. In the event of a dispute we may request this evidence from you in order to resolve the issue. Screenshots and video must show proof that they are taken from the correct lap, with the time shown on the in-game HUD, pause screen or leaderboard screen at some point in the footage.

Good luck around the mountain this weekend!

22-11-2015, 12:04
Yeah stay on the track haha.

Good luck to everyone i wont be posting a time im currently in the middle of a 3000 mile round trip to my sons colledge graduation, did 800 miles yesterday. Then he's off to BMW school they picked him for scholarship out of 200 applications, plus Ferrai wants him too, so he got alot to think about after this.

Good luck to all !!!

22-11-2015, 13:34
After reading this it appears that the track limit detection in game is still not where it needs to be for time trials, at what point in time will this be resolved? Self policing in this sort of event shouldn't be necessary now after all the work was put into improving the track limits should it?

The game doesn't provide good enough replays (lap time for most will exceed the max time limit for pause screen replay) / tools to judge if the lap is legal. :(