View Full Version : SMS-R Mercedes GT3 at Bathurst - RESULTS

Joseph Barron
25-11-2015, 11:37
The results are in for Round 14 of the SMS-R Driver Network Championship!


It was an extremely close fight this week with the top 20 drivers separated by only 2.1 seconds!

Thank you to everyone who took part for behaving so well on the circuit. Track cutting was significantly reduced this week, with hardly any drivers being disqualified, making for a much closer battle!

25-11-2015, 18:03
Hi !

Thank you for the results!

Just one question please. Is it normal that TSRacing-JP02 does not figure in the bathurst round standings ? Is it a mistake or he was disqualified ?

Thank you for enlightning us about this.

Joseph Barron
26-11-2015, 09:38
Hi Racer.

Unfortunately, TSRacing_JP02 ran all four wheels off the circuit on the outside kerb at the exit of Turn 2, Quarry, on his fastest lap. This is the corner after the first long straight.

Therefore we did not count his time in this week's results.

We noticed that JP_02 improved his lap-time on a few occasions on the last day of the event, but he ran wide at Turn 2 during most of his laps, including his quickest.

26-11-2015, 10:15
Arf... Ok . Thank you for the info joe.