View Full Version : McLaren GT3 Custom Liverie

29-11-2015, 17:34
Hey Guys,

I know, that there are no custom liveries for the McLaren MP4 12C,
but today I watched the trailer, before you are in the Game Menu
and I saw a McLaren GT3 with a liverie that is not in the game.

I only wanted to ask why its in the Trailer, but not in the game, same with
the liveries in the pCars Alpha/Beta

29-11-2015, 17:54
Simple answer is that the trailer was made before the prohibition on custom liveries was requested by McLaren.

edit: Actually, I recall now that McLaren originally OK'd some existing team liveries, but later recanted. There was no official reason given for this, but scuttlebutt says that they didn't have clearance from those teams after all.

30-11-2015, 19:55
Ah, and here bleeds my heard, because Vincent did such a great work on the liveries. You guys can enjoy right now just the half of his beautiful work.
Not to speak about customs; thats another story.

Soo sad that mclaren decided that way. :frown-new: