View Full Version : HUD Dash Xbox One help

27-01-2016, 22:45
I bought the license for Project Cars and installed it on my Android tablet. It opens fine, but only works for the first few seconds of a race and then it never updates the display. I can run other 3rd party apps like PCARS Dash and Crew Chief on the same device (Acer A100) at the same time with no problems. I've tried different UDP settings, restarting the tablet, making sure that nothing was running in the background, but nothing seems to help.

I'm just wondering if there was something special that needed to be done. It looks like a great app, but if it doesn't work it's not very useful.

30-01-2016, 20:33
Sent the developer an email several days ago; no response.

I installed it on my new S6 Edge last night and it worked fine. Installed it on my old HTC One and it worked fine. Installed it on my Acer A500 tablet (the big 10' one) and it doesn't work. So that's proof that it does work on some devices, but not all. Now the tablets are not exactly new, but the old HTC One is even older so I have no idea where to go from here. I've never had an app not work on either of those tablets so this is a bit odd and I'd have to think that it's something that could be fixed in a patch sometime in the future.

As for the app I do like the customization and the the screen swipes left and right really nicely.