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03-02-2016, 04:38
First of all, I want to thank SMS for a fantastic sim. I just got back from Daytona and wanted to get back into pCars again (I've been away for a few months). I was very surprised to find 3rd party companion apps that will work with my XB1. I use vrHive as my second screen telemetry app and I use the Crew Chief app on my phone (with ear buds) and its beyond cool to be able to do that. Both of those are high quality apps and if you aren't using them, give them a try, they are fantastic. I just have one question:

Are there any Xbox One timing and scoring apps that I can run on my windows laptop that feeds off the UDP stream? I'm not a programmer, but I thought i read somewhere that timing data wasn't in the UDP. I may be (most likely) wrong on that.

Anyway, just hoping someone is either working on one or SMS will add that data to the UDP screen. I run a lot of endurance type solo weekend events. I like watching the AI co-driver gain all the positions back that I lost during my stint haha. Just wondering if I can also see the timing and scoring data as well. I want my cake!!

Thanks to all the developers who put their time and effort into making these apps to enhance our sim racing experience.

03-02-2016, 07:38
http://vhud.oscarolim.pt/ is the only windows/console app I am aware of but not sure if it gives what you want

You may also want to look at http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?36328-POCK-Race-Trainer-for-pCARS

08-02-2016, 13:38
A timing/scoring screen is on my list of things I'd like to do if I ever find enough free time to do it... there is enough data in the UDP stream to make it possible.

09-02-2016, 18:30
@Brandon: Timing dashes is part of my next focus. I'm part way through adding in the ability to save car setups. Once that's in the wild, there are a few extra dashes I want to create, before I add the ability for users to create these themselves. The release that gets the live timing, and maybe a track layout too, will also bring in a lap board. So as you cross the S/F line you'll get a simulated lap board.

Don't have a timeline for the live timing yet, but I'm working hard to get the car setup complete as soon as I can...