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14-02-2016, 23:21
This thread is a place to start a team or come look to join a team for the ESL 2016. The deadline looms for teams. While individuals can participate, wouldn't it be more fun to have a crew? Please state whether you are looking to join a team or a captain of a team looking for members. Specify PC/XBOX/PS4 so there won't be confusion.

I would be interested in getting some input on a means of qualifying a member for a team. How do others do it? Via audition, leaderboard, etc.

That said, I'm on XBOX and looking to be on a team or start a team. Post here if interested.

15-03-2016, 07:24
We have a small community at http://consoleracing.boards.net/thread/85/project-cars-esports-series with the idea of putting a team together for,the fixed setup if you are interested pop over to the forum for a chat

No auditions or interviews we tt for fun and if you want in then you are more than welcome.

Asphalt Asgard
17-03-2016, 00:17
I would like to join a team on ps4. Someone let me know. Stop by one of my lobbies I often kick morons and silly named degenerates out of, using the screen name CivilSavage. Yes, I even kick myself too. Haha.

30-03-2016, 17:04
I would love to join a team. I am located in us and am a pc player. New to the league scene but have been a sim racer for awhile now. email:Luke@spences.net
Thanks Luke

31-03-2016, 10:15
Would like to join a team live in us on pc. Leave message.

01-04-2016, 06:24
Signed you up with the post you made on our site Mohawkman94, you are now officially a member of TEAM CRF , in the nvidia challenge series

EDIT: however just noticed you are PC not console which is what we are running :(

01-04-2016, 10:10
We have a spot for a console racer in our team if anybody is interested - the 4 of us are xbox but no issue with a PS4 driver