View Full Version : NVIDIA Challenger Series: Round 1: Bentley GT3 - Xbox - Error Retrieving Scores

24-04-2016, 23:01
Is anyone else having problems with this? It was fine when I started a couple days ago, but it won't show times on the leaderboard and I can't post a time..."Error Retrieving Scores". How will they address this if we aren't able to post times in the time allotted for the competition?

25-04-2016, 12:03
a couple of my team mates today are having this issue. One of them this is the first opportunity he has had to run any laps so not ideal.

25-04-2016, 13:18
Yes...I think they should extend the first round for a day or so. This puts xbox players at a clear disadvantage.

Joseph Barron
25-04-2016, 13:37
Hi guys. I'm looking at the Xbox leaderboards in-game as we speak and having no problems. It seems like this may be a temporary, localised issue.

25-04-2016, 19:48
my 47.7xx its no recorded saturday and my 47.9xx no recorded sunday

I leave for the NCS Round 1

25-04-2016, 19:50
many problem it was identified by lots of players Sunday and Saturday and today

25-04-2016, 19:51
Xbox Live was down the majority of the day on Sunday. Not sure when the issue started, it could have been late Saturday night (US EST). We couldn't run a league race on Sunday afternoon due to XBL issues, so I'm sure there was some affect on the community event.