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28-04-2016, 11:12
First of all, congratulations to the top teams for their times, Respect guys for your perf !

We wish to express our dissatisfaction with the distribution of points for the championship TEAM NCS. We know that SMS has no use for this kind of protest but with more than 80 registered teams, perhaps would it have been wiser to UN GENERAL CLASSIFICATION taking into account so that ALL TEAMS there to be a challenge with respect to the level of each.

We are well aware that we can not rivlaiser with the top teams but take the points of the 20 best times for TEAM ranking is not acceptable and it is frankly not motivating for those who enquillent towers for nothing. Our 5 drivers were in the top 100 and nothing in anything !!!

We can not do better to understand the teams subordinated let go because the deal too bad to participate in this type of championship.
Moreover, it would be that the staff prepares a brief CLAIRE WITH PICTURES OF TURNING A PROBLEM order to allow everyone to know the track boundaries bypassing Google translation.

A word to all and good luck for the second round ...