View Full Version : Looking for original DDS wheel files for the Ford Falcon

20-05-2016, 17:17
I was painting the Ford Falcon wheels and made the mistake of not backing up the originals. I am usually pretty good about saving before I get started on a particular design, but this time I goofed it up. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who had a copy of the originals (FORD_FALCON_FG_WHEEL_DIFF.dds and FORD_FALCON_FG_WHEEL_DIFF_BLUR.dds) that would be generous enough to send to me. I tried to find them without having to ask, but I had no luck.

Thanks in advance!!!

20-05-2016, 18:00
Verify your local game files via Steam, backup your custom liveries before that

20-05-2016, 18:29
Got it. Thanks!!