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Rob Prange
26-05-2016, 16:04
Experience the inspirational story of a race car driverís battle to beat cerebral palsy and his quest to achieve his racing dreams in Inspired to Drive - The Nicolas Hamilton Story.

Inspired to Drive - The Nicolas Hamilton Story is the true story of how a kid born with cerebral palsy went on to swap his wheelchair for the seat of a race car in the cut-throat world of motorsport.

Nicolas Hamilton always aspired to follow his brother, 3-time Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, into motor racing. Born with a disability that severely impacted his ability to even walk, much less control a car on the limit, Nicolas had to overcome incredible odds. He used those obstacles to inspire himself. Training for years on a simulator, he allowed nothing to stand in the way of achieving his dream. His remarkable success is why Nicolas Hamilton is #DrivenToInSpire us all.

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26-05-2016, 16:09
Just watched it. Absolutely fantastic video and a lovely insight into Nic's background too. Top stuff from all involved :yes:.

EDIT : Also, I've mentioned it before and I'm sure that anybody that has met Nic will say the same, but what comes across in the video is the person you meet in real life. He's a very down to earth, humble, honest and thoroughly nice bloke. I might only have spent a few minutes chatting to him at the Autosport Show back in January but it was the way he approached a young girl who also has cerebral palsy that showed me what a truly nice guy Nic is.

marcelo carbon
26-05-2016, 16:18
cry :sorrow:

26-05-2016, 16:41
I like him much better than his brother...
nice bloke

26-05-2016, 17:30
Great and Inspiring story.

26-05-2016, 17:33
Really awesome, even shared it online!

26-05-2016, 18:46
great little film, definitely good to have on the team. I wonder if anyone ever raced him online here?

26-05-2016, 19:49
Awesome, really enjoyed watching that, thanks for that fellas :D

26-05-2016, 20:07
Genuine, sincere and from the heart; everything I've come to expect from Project Cars and the people who helped to create it.

26-05-2016, 21:09
Lewis Hamilton shared the video on his Facebook page...he has a lot of love for his brother.


26-05-2016, 21:20
truly inspiring

27-05-2016, 14:12
An amazing story and one he should be immensely proud of. He is a guy that deserves far more respect and acknowledgement than he gets.

27-05-2016, 14:37
Such challenges certainly made Nicolas who he is and the way he deals with things serves to keep us humble and appreciative of our own good fortune.

Much respect and best wishes to Nic and his family. His story is inspirational and our world can certainly use more like them.

Kudos to SMS for including Nic and Ben in the making of Pcars; I truly enjoyed reading their feedback and viewing videos, great stuff.

27-05-2016, 15:16
Such a great and moving video. :)

Lukas Macedo
28-05-2016, 04:17
Thank you for this brilliant video. Wow. :)

Alan Dallas
09-06-2016, 15:22
Some serious teasers in The Engadget article on this for pCARS2.

23-07-2016, 11:52
ok thi s

05-08-2016, 00:45
Very good!!!! Actually this video shows that the limitations are in our minds.