View Full Version : Looking for Masculin Tires Logo

22-06-2016, 18:58
Does anyone have the Masculin Tires Logo? I am looking for a copy of it to add to our league's Spotter's Guide that I am building.

The Masculin logo seem to be the only tire logo that I can't find.

Nico Herrmann
22-06-2016, 19:08
I have the logo but i dont know if i can share it because i m not the owner

22-06-2016, 19:12
Look here (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22835-Fictional-Logotypes-to-create-liveries-in-the-game-(Download-Database)) There you should find it

Thanks, but I have all of those. The Masculin logo is not in any of them (unless I am totally blind).