View Full Version : Working Cars Mods 2k16 - Is this even aloved to use without to take any risk ?

19-07-2016, 22:08
Hello Racer's , i found a fev days back a Guide on Steam / pCars how to add moded cars to the game.
I would like to ask and to known , is this even aloved to mod the game ? Do we take any risk if we usi this ?
Of course it's not planet to use it for any online racing or time atack , but custom and free run's.

I really would like to know before try , as there are a fev cars i really would like to try out.

The Steam Guide (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=724070818)


Neil Bateman
20-07-2016, 07:13
SMS have added basic support for adding car mods so it is allowed, you can do whatever you want with your game as far as modding goes but there is always risk involved that it can break the game, as far as i know with machine dojo cars there are no issues online but i cant vouch for any of the others in your list as i dont have any of them.

20-07-2016, 07:32
As stated above, modding is rudimentarily supported, but there are risks involved. On top of that, of course it's your own (moral) responsibility whether or not you use ripped content of other games. SMS is not forbidding you to do that, it's just that their idea of 'modding' does not contain ripped content, only scratch-made content.

20-07-2016, 13:01
Thanks guys.