View Full Version : Monza Formula A World Record 1.17.102! with pad!?

12-09-2016, 22:00

Crazy Lap! leaderboard at the end!

14-09-2016, 10:02
you are a monster, i'm wondering what setup do you use and what assists (abs?)
personally i don't use any assist, at monza my best is 1.19.5xx if i'm right... more than 2 seconds from yours!

14-09-2016, 10:22
i use all assists, mainly cause i use pad

with setup go to jackvanhees Monza 3.0 setup
and set caster angle to max
cambers to 0
both toe to 0

rest is honestly practice, i mainly set gears so i have to upshift as soon as i get straight out of a corner and use only 6 gears

14-09-2016, 10:30
thanks mate i'll try and congratulations

14-09-2016, 10:31
no worries buddy, i do thats with every car by the way
max caster
min camber
min toe

14-09-2016, 18:43
in catalunya tt i'm exactly behind you :D
anyway, tried it; at monza and spa is good, at cata a bit less. why do u use only 6 gears at monza?

anyway i sent you friend request. maybe theres some track in wich we can enjoy a competitive race (catalunya, silverstone). if you want add me!

14-09-2016, 18:52
ill accept it when i get some time to play! yeah catalunya and other tracks was a long long time ago haha the track where i found the perfect setup was Spa, then used it for monza, donington and laguna so far and have broke all the records so might try catalunua and other tracks again with my new setup

i use 6 gears cause with the controller the gear changes (both up and down) are usually when the car snaps and loses the rear.
i use 6 gears to keep the accelaration and rpms going up but less gear changes so less chance of spinning out.

at bathurst i got the world record aswell and believe it or not i actually only used 5 gears! (3-4-5-6-7) because track is so bumby and uneven! i have a lot of other setup things i do that are simply faster but dont want to give them all away because it took me hours and days of testing

14-09-2016, 19:34
eheheh don't worry i'm here to find the best drivers to compete with, not to steal from them ;)

i know what you mean with gears, i play with wheel and no assists at all, usually i start in 2nd and its very rare i use the 1st

Maxence Huet TX3
24-11-2016, 15:47