View Full Version : [Arduino] Home Racing Cockpit HELP!

25-10-2016, 15:03
Hello Guys,

i want to build my own Home Racing cockpit all by myself.

I Created with my Arduino an Controller, wich can steer, and give speed or brake. This works perfectly. I startet developing in Java over a year ago. But i dont get the API.. For me itīs not well explained.

I Want to send to the Arduino all of the Datas. I tryed the DEMO API, but the speed is in the Game 79 and on the API itīs 22 for example, so its not correct. but i dont know how to do this, cause i dont have experience with getting the Data and send them to the Arduino. If i put on my LCD Screen in the Arduino some Data from the Source directly it works. Could anyone help me or write an Code, where i just have to put the Data into where i want or need them? That would be perfect! :)

I Hope you can help me.. PCars on Facebook told me, i should ask here you are a very nice community.. :D