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30-10-2016, 16:41
Hello , I would like to invite you to my new website for sim racing , a ground breaking platform and i chose only you and a few others to join the beta launch as a member of honor , have a look at this invitation link here alphasimracing.com/members-of-honor-invite ....looking forward to hear from you :)

What is it about:

Thank you for taking the time to view our special invite for you as a member of honor to be among the first of what we hope to be thousands of members community.

ASR is a ground breaking new sim racing community website aimed to take the sim racing experience to a whole new level

What Should you Expect here? Well,
-All Classes & Series Event

-Real Race Directors for every race

-Real Rewards for some events

-Teams Only Championships

-Rising Stars Races to join teams

-Dedicated Servers

And That’s just a few!.Join us to find out more and see how serious sim racing can be!
-Your Own Social Profile

-Members Sections

-Team Specific Groups

-Group Specific Forums

-Social Activity Wall

-Add-Ons Sections

And much more, ASR is A Full Social Network dedicated for sim racing enthusiasts.

Mod edit: Fixed the link for you.

Dany Mitchel
20-11-2016, 17:40
I just Signed up @ your site hope to see some LMP1 racing

22-11-2016, 19:01
Great news! Wish you the best.