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15-01-2017, 19:00
App Description: This app display information collected using UDP connection from Project Cars.

Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.project.projectcars_secondscreen


With the new update for Project Cars, update 7.0, console users can now have on their mobile phone or tablet information from the game.
- Project Cars - PC, Xbox One or Playstation 4 version
- UDP connection active on game
- A wireless connection between the PC/Game Console and mobile phone or tablet.

Display current, best and last time, position, lap, session event, session time remaining, speed, rpm, revmeter, fuel, water and oil temperature, and also tires info.

Slide up and down to switch time, slide for any side to show tires information.
Added support for dpad movement for switch time and screen info, single press for time and long press for screen change.

Beep sounds, slide up to change time and every 60 seconds verify fuel (below 5%), water and oil above 115 celsius degrees.

This is a beta version.

Video gameplay:


New beta version added 2017.01.25.

09-02-2017, 20:40
My last update has a small bug, if you press the gear before the message "press gear for options" disappear, it will crash the app. It's fixed in the next update coming soon.

In the next update I added the text to voice giving some information, the text below contains all the messages in 6 languages.
I ask for your help fixing the error in the translation, I used the google translation and it doesn't work so well as we can think.

new best time in sector (#)
final lap, this is the final lap
less than (#) minutes remaining
fuel for less than 2 laps, pit now
fuel for less than 5 laps
new best lap and sector 3 times
new best lap time
you are now in (@)
you gained (#) positions, currently in (@)
you lost (#) positions, currently in (@)

nouvelle meilleure période dans le secteur (#)
dernier tour, c'est le dernier tour
moins de (#) minutes restantes
carburant pour moins de 2 tours, ravitailler maintenant
carburant pour moins de 5 tours
nouveau meilleur tour et secteur 3 fois
nouveau meilleur temps au tour
vous êtes maintenant en (@)
vous avez gagné (#) positions, actuellement en (@)
vous avez perdu (#) positions, actuellement en (@)

neue bestezeit in sektor (#)
letzte Runde, das ist die letzte Runde
gibt es weniger als (x) minuten
kraftstoff für weniger als 2 Runden, grube jetzt
Brennstoff für weniger als 5 Runden
Neue beste Rundenzeiten und Sektor 3
neue beste Rundenzeit
sie befinden sich nun in (@)
Sie gewann (#) positionen sind in (@)
sie verloren (#) positionen sind in (@)

nuovo miglior tempo nel settore (#)
all'ultimo giro, questo è l'ultimo giro
ci sono meno di (#) minuti
combustibile per meno di 2 giri, pit ora
Combustibile per meno di 5 giri
Nuovi migliori tempi sul giro e il settore 3
nuovo miglior tempo sul giro
si è ora in (@)
hai vinto (#) posizioni, sono (@)
è losed (#) posizioni, sono (@)

nuevo mejor tiempo en el sector (#)
última vuelta, esta es la última vuelta
hay menos de (#) minutos
combustible para menos de 2 vueltas, box ahora
combustible para menos de 5 vueltas
Nuevos mejores tiempos de vuelta y sector 3
nuevo mejor tiempo de vuelta
ahora estás en (@)
ganaste (#) posiciones, están en (@)
usted perdió (#) posiciones, están en (@)

novo melhor tempo no sector (#)
última volta, está é a última volta
restam menos de (#) minutos
combustível para menos de 2 voltas, entre agora na box
combustível para menos de 5 voltas
novos melhores tempos para volta e sector 3
novo melhor tempo para volta
você está agora em (@)
você ganhou (#) posições, estás em (@)
você perdeu (#) posições, estás em (@)

The part (#) is replaced by the number (one, two, ...), the part (@) is replaced by the position (first, second, ...).


The options section has been adjusted so we can choose the information to display.
We can choose if want the best lap, best sector and position in race, qualification and/or practice.
Within the position we can choose, always, 10th and below or 5th and below, because in a constant change of positions it became annoying listen all that changes. If you don't choose always it has 2 more options to inform the position change in lap change and/or sector pass.
The other options, final lap, fuel (5 laps / 2 laps) and time remaining (5 / 15 / 30), can all be enabled or disabled.


Thanks for the help and to everyone that is using the app.

14-02-2017, 09:55
New update released (14.02.2017)

In this new update I added:
- Text to speech, it has 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese)

- Option to change the text, if you don't agree with the text/translation or you want to use a custom
using in app input text or using a QR Code you can generate using the link below, then click button in app for read the QR Code
link: http://pedroramos-id.com/?page_id=11
You can share the QR Code if you want to add your custom / correction text

- Bluetooth support, if you want to use a bluetooth headset to receive the indications and not the phone speaker
You need to pair the bluetooth with the phone/tablet, for test/force pairing in the app you can press the bluetooth logo and it will send a beep, when you ear the beep in the bluetooth it will be paired with the app and fully working.

More to implement:
- More information
if you want something added, say it

- Add more languages, but in this you will need to create the text, using the above link and select your language

- Speech to text, I'm going to try to implement a voice recognition, english for now
later add multi language support