View Full Version : Hadn't touched for near on a year,

11-03-2017, 14:03
So many racing games out there to choose from and distract you from what I thought was totally brilliant when it first came out,
I've got a simulator so tried nearly all racing games that Xbox one can throw at me,put pcars down for a year,
Got fed up with this that and the other,missed the growl of the Aston Martin v12 ,classic f1 cars,and a few others of my favourites,
Loved it missed it,back on it,just as good to me now as it was back then,never had any issues ever with,
Bring on p cars 2,
Still ringing in my ears as I write this.

21-03-2017, 00:35
Cool post! I just got Project Cars and am already looking forward to PC2!
My favorite game on the PS4...