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18-06-2017, 22:10
Greetings. I'm not sure if this issue has already been discussed previously in another post, but I think it's still time to discuss it and make a suggestion about it.

For those people who saw the 24 hours of LeMans of this 2017 maybe they know to what detail I'm referring to the title of this post (specifically what happened with the LMP1 Porsche 919 Hybrid #2). It is about a "problem" that exists in PCARS1 and that it would be nice that it could be fixed for PCARS2: The time of repairs in pits/garage.

In PCARS1, when damage and mechanical fauilures are enabled, if a player has suffered damage to his car that affects his performance and needs repair to continue on track, the time it takes to make those repairs practically DOES NOT EXIST.... Is almost instantaneous. It's like a 3 - 4 seconds of "Stop & Go", adding to the fact that you can repair the car while refueling and replacing the tires.

Due to that, in many cases it means a great advantage for the player who made repairs when having in a blink his car 100% optimum, while it is a disadvantage for both the rival car in front and the rival car behind, because in the first case it prevents opening a wider gap with the player who damaged his car, and in the second case it prevents taking advantage of the time that the rival loses repairing his car to be able to cut distance/gap and even overtake him.

My suggestion for PCARS2 is that SMS can add an option to be able to adjust the repair time in pits, either in real time (for long races or for emulate realistic races in real time) or in 2X, 3X or "Instant" (for short races), at the host's decision.

To clarify: I'm not saying anything about whether or not you can see the animations of the mechanics when they move the car inside the garage and make repairs. What matters is to be able to adjust the time of the repairs to be able to realize races more according to the reality. For example: If the car needs to change the front wing it should take between 10 to 20 seconds (depending on whether it is an F1 or an LMP1); If the car need to change the brake discs it should take 1 or 2 minutes per wheel; If the car need to replace the engine or more complicated components must be should take 5 or more minutes, being cumulative depending on how many parts have to be repaired to get back the car on track.

Thank You.

18-06-2017, 22:19

Repair times are no longer instantaneous.

My biggest gripe with these repairs had more to do with the engine life of the cars. It takes no second thought to maximize the turbo boost (and radiator) because you wouldn't pay for it in the pits except for the drive though time. It makes Group A, C, 5, and Indy less interesting.

18-06-2017, 22:24
To be honest I think PCARS 2 is such a big step up from PCARS 1 that it's just best to forget about everything that exists in PCARS 1 and ignore the fact that this is a sequel. :) There is so much stuff to be improved over PCARS one (on my personal list) but so many things have been announced to be improved already. It feels good I don't even have to ask for these things and it feels great the team is on the same thoughts as me about what to improve. Those first dozens of pages from that Q&A thread over at GT Planet are ace.