View Full Version : Excitement for Project Cars 2

27-06-2017, 03:34
Hey guys, don't know if this is allowed here so if not just delete it. But what I wanted to say is how excited I am for Project Cars 2. Never have I ever been this excited about a game before, but after playing Project cars 1 and what I've seen and heard about Project Cars 2 it sounds like the perfect sim racing game and appears to be miles a head of all the competition. So keep up the great work guys at SMS can't wait to play the game on release.

27-06-2017, 05:50
If road cars can be driven somewhat as we see in the McLaren 720 video sideways all day long then this is going to be Hollywood.

Here's hoping you can't do that on racing cars though

27-06-2017, 14:02
Since i know we'll get real multiclass racing (the distinction in the hud with your position in class and overall position) and the Ligier Js P2, i am very excited. I need a time machine :p