View Full Version : Question about Steam preorder

02-08-2017, 04:25
I believe you get a discount on the preorder if you already own PCars 1.

If I buy PCars 1 now, will I get the discount on the PC2 preorder?

If so, would this work with the standard edition of PC1 without any DLC (not the GOTY)?

02-08-2017, 14:10
You can check in Steam if you will get the discount. Go to the shop and select Project Cars 2 and check if there's a discount on the game.
If you don't own PCars1, price for PCars2 is Euro 59,99. With discount the price is Euro 49.79. 17% Discount for standard edition. 11% Discount for Deluxe.

02-08-2017, 18:41
I was wondering why an unreleased game was already discounted when I ordered mine... now I know why