View Full Version : Thrustmaster TS-XW racer supported?

Eric Everfast
21-08-2017, 16:47
A new press release for the upcoming TM wheel setup has been posted and that Sparco rim with the red wheelbase finish looks glorious.

I'm guessing that the september 22nd release date is not a coincidence; can anybody in the know confirm compatibility with PC2?

I think I'll be shelling out for a wheel earlier than expected :victorious:

22-08-2017, 00:11
When the information is known (for all supported controllers and platforms), it will be posted on the main website:


I'm sure it will be pretty big news when it happens so I doubt you'll miss it. ;)

Eric Everfast
23-08-2017, 15:26
Got overly excited.
This thread can be closed ;)