View Full Version : PCARS2 collision physics...

21-08-2017, 22:05
Anyone know if they've been improved (read: completely reworked from the ground up)?

You know what I mean, the little nudge that causes both cars to go straight for 2 seconds, which results in another nudge and more straight line action for 2 seconds, with another nudge... only ending when you both come across an immovable object.

And the open wheelers that self-destruct or cartwheel with the slightest touch.

21-08-2017, 23:26
Its on here you have too search for it, there are some on youtube everything you need too know

23-08-2017, 13:42
This thread should contain enough footage to answer your questions...


15-09-2017, 02:43
Short answer - Fixed.

15-12-2017, 22:51
Short answer - Fixed.

Cant feel em with a G25...maybe an old wheel prob but even with Jack Spade FFB settings there's just no feel for a collision?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

02-01-2018, 02:50
Removed Profiler using Revo, removed driver, and regedit entries - reboot, reinstalled driver and software, all good now :-)