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Trippul G
25-08-2017, 19:08
Watching practice for the Belgian GP today (no spoilers please, I'm not caught up yet):), and was wondering if, for instance, we choose to run Formula A or X at Spa, will we have the "F1" start/finish line (on the straight after the bus stop chicane)? Or will everything use the "GT" line, like we currently have in PCARS1?

25-08-2017, 19:13
PCars 2 has the F1 start/finish line at Spa.

Trippul G
25-08-2017, 19:31
That's for all disciplines then, I take it?

25-08-2017, 20:06
That's for all disciplines then, I take it?

That is correct.

26-08-2017, 09:35
If you are in the Endurance classes do you have the WEC start line at Spa? or is it as you say, all disciplines?

26-08-2017, 12:09
If you are in the Endurance classes do you have the WEC start line at Spa? or is it as you say, all disciplines?

There is only one start location at each track for all disciplines.

28-08-2017, 07:17
I will say, R3E handled this well by having both starts/pits as different layouts, as well as a 'combined' pit (such as used at Spa 24 Hours).

15-09-2017, 02:39
No, as per above one per track. There was also discussion on different start/finish lines (AKA Bathurst) Start is further up than finish line, however this cant be supported with the track file/format.

15-09-2017, 06:01
That's going to make proper actual starts at Mid-Ohio on pCARS 2 impossible, considering how the start line at Mid-Ohio is located on a different location compared to the restart/finish line...

15-09-2017, 06:27
My take on the matter, copy/paste from my old post I dug up from the dungeons of this forum :)

Since there won't be any new locations anymore and we don't have much left to confirm (apart from a few unknown layouts) let's discuss what will be in the game. First topic, Project CARS' weird pit and start/finish line at Spa. :P I drew this on a map to explain :


There are 2 possible start/finish lines in Spa : (both in red on the map)
* GT s/f is the old one
* F1 s/f is the newer one
(they might be a little bit more forth or back on track to where i drew them, not relevant for this topic)

There are 3 possible pits :
* The F1 pits (in yellow on map)
* The GT pits (in blue on map) (the pitroad and track rejoin just at the end of Eau Rouge outside the picture)
* The combined pits (yellow + blue together) (there is then an extra barrier where yellow and blue connect so you cant rejoin the track there)

This is how real life motorsports use Spa:
Formula 1: standing start at F1 S/F, using F1 pits
WEC: rolling start at F1 S/F, using F1 pits
Total 24H of Spa (Blancpain): rolling start at GT S/F, using combined pits.

In PCARS1 (and also PCARS2 judging from the circuit icon on the track list) the GT s/f is used but with the F1 pits. Is there any motorsport that uses it this way? Because that always feels so awkward, I mean the pits aren't even on the same part of the track as the s/f line.

Since this game is all about simulation and with a heavy focus on GT3 and endurance racing I would really love to see the same situation as the real life 24H of Spa used in PC2, thus keep the GT s/f but extend the pit area so that the combined pits are needed. That feels much more realistic and this combination is also one of the longest pitlanes that exist as far as I know. That makes the track really unique and especially with all the upgrades in the pitlane in PC2 (manual pitstops, pitlane speeding penalties, animated crew, ...) would be so fun to do. If the problem would be that there would be more pit garages on the track than the game can handle that is absolutely no problem. Just keep the second part of the garage boxes unused, but please just let us drive through there all the way up to Eau Rouge.

I would even go as far as requesting 2 versions of this map just for this :
Spa-Francorchamps (F1 version) : F1 pits and F1 S/F
Spa-Francorchamps (endurance version) : combined pits and GT S/F

Here is a part of the track list icon for Spa which makes me think this issue isn't fixed yet in PC2. You can clearly see the F1 pits and the GT S/F:

Can you fix this pretty please SMS! ;)