View Full Version : Is it just me or is that time a little unbelieveable?

08-09-2017, 15:29
'ello Lads and Lasses,

I was just checking the laptimes ont he recent Formula A Event in Monza and upon seeing it I asked myself, is just me or is that laptime of the leader slightly unbelieveable?


The Leader has a 0:47.584 and the P2 1:18.570 the P3 1:18.952 and the P4 1:19.484.

How the hell do you get a 30 seconds advantage in Monza? Something feels off there.
I mean yeah that guy is on a pad with intermediary driving model, compared to the pro driving model on the other drivers, with traction control, abs and the driving line and on the Default Setup.......and that person is supposed to be 30 seconds faster?
The Default setup is slow as hell, compared to a custom setup it was, in my case 5 seconds slower than my best time on a custom setup, and with the custom setup you are at the least 20-30 kph slower on the straights. And Monza has a lot of them.

I mean yeah maybe he can be faster with all the help, but 30 seconds? You'd have to cut straight through every chicane to do that, and which should be impossible without getting your lap invalidated.

The P3 was P2 in the Spa Event so certainly not slow.

But then we have some pretty unbelieveable times in the Time Trial leaderbords, like in Monza a guy doing a 12 second lap in an Aston Martin GT3, or a 23 seconds lap in a Z4 GT3....

I think SMS should do some house cleaning there some of that shit seems a bit insane.

I mean I've run cars mods like the 911R in the game in the past, but never in Multiplayer, events or time trial.

Roger Prynne
08-09-2017, 17:03
Obviously it's a glitch or a massive cheat, so I would think it will be treated a such and not count.