View Full Version : VR Photo to 2D

27-09-2017, 00:33
I got an awesome picture I took while doing a qual lap at Imola in a Porsche GT3 car. I hit the kerb (sausage) just right and it tossed the side of the car in the air so it only had two tires on the ground and I had another car right behind me. It made for a perfect photo so I spent forever getting the right position using the drone camera angles using all the little knobs. Took the picture looked great. Hoped out of the game go to my screenshots and they're just black. Is it not possible to convert the photo's you take in VR back into 3d? I can look at them in game and they're there though. Or am I just doing something wrong? They go into the documents Project Cars 2 folder because I see the screenshots I took while testing on 4k monitor at ultra.

27-09-2017, 01:03
Looks like the best that I could get it.. is to take the screenshot of the gallery inside the game. Not ideal, but I guess it works. It also doesn't look as good as it did when I took the picture using VR, but that might just be the effect of VR.

Robert Dibley
13-10-2017, 08:23
Can't be 100% sure about this because I've not tried it yet myself, but try loading it up into a different package.
I think that because in VR we have to copy the buffers, we might have ended up with the entire alpha channel being 0, which on *some* software means the image comes out black, while on other software it will ignore the alpha channel and show the image.