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Tom Brown
11-10-2017, 10:54
Hi All,

Update is now live on PS4. Full Update notes below.

Project CARS 2 - PS4 Update

• Improved driving line assist.
• Various AI behavioural and race line improvements.
• Multiple improvements and enhancements to multiplayer, and lobby handling.
• Improvements and enhancements to audio and sound effects.
• Improvements and enhancements to replays and replay cameras.
• USB keyboard support improved.
• Improvements, enhancements and fixes to Career flow.
• Enhancements to various cars’ handling and standard setup improvements.
• Tweaks and fixes to Achievement / Trophy unlock logic.
• Tweaks and fixes to setup UI and flow.
• Improved default assists for gamepad users.
• Fixes and improvements to headlights and brake lights.
• Fixes and improvements to ICM appearance and functionality.
• Improvements and enhancements to steering wheel support.
• Fixes and improvements to certain weather / tyre combinations.
• Optimisations to tracks across the game.
• Myriad render and performance tweaks and improvements.

07-12-2017, 17:22
Hi all,

Update is now live on PS4. Full Update Notes below.

Project CARS 2 - PS4 Update

Online / Multiplayer

New game mode - The Online Championship game mode is now available, allowing players to compete online in full championships, spanning multiple rounds.
Fixed an exploit where some players could load custom setups in Community Events when Default Setups are enabled.
Improved logging and syncing when joining online games already in progress.
Fix for an online issue where players would be shown an incorrect error message when attempting to join a game session which was full.
Online Reputation: When being kicked from a race, the system now checks your recent history to help decide if points should be deducted from your ranking score.
Online Reputation: Fixed a bug where remaining players would not score for a win against disconnected players.
Resolved a problem where a previously kicked player, joining back into a game after accepting an invite, would be auto-kicked.
For players joining an active qualifying or practice session, there is now a 3-minute cut-off as the session approaches completion, after which it will no longer be possible to join the session.
An error message is now displayed when an incorrect password is entered when joining a password-protected lobby.


New Invitational Event - McLaren 720S VIP Challenge.
Fix for career multi-class races, so that the finish position within the class is used for series progression, rather than the overall race position.
Nissan Skyline Silhouette, Nissan Skyline BNR32, Nissan R89C, and Porsche 961 can now be used in Career mode.
Fix for an issue where pop-ups for unlocking Invitational events were displayed in the wrong location.


Logitech - Fix for G29 and G920 lock stops.
Fanatec - improved anti-jolt and high-frequency anti-vibe on the CSWB series.
Thrustmaster - Improvements for the 458 Italia.
Improvements to various controller’s vibration effects.

GUI and HUD improvements

Session information such as race duration is now displayed on the pre-race menu.
Changed the HUD colouring scale for race rain tyres.
Added a dialog to show replay saving progress.
Change to the way the Start Type is displayed on the Round dialog so that it matches the Race Settings dialog.
Fix for an issue where a menu would become disabled when moving 'down' from the bottom of the menu.
Updates to various buttons to better indicate when a button is selected/highlighted.
Fix for buttons on online post-race results screen so that they only show when they can be pressed.
Fixed cases where the RPM Gauge on the HUD was not matching the actual RPM of the car.
Fixed loading bar to become invisible when local loading is complete.
Added new Help Text for Menu Spring Strength in FFB settings.
Added fuel estimation to Tuning Setup screen and ICM.
Added auto-scroll to a number of info feeds to prevent overlapping text.
Added the name of the car setup currently in use to the 'Setup' button on the Pre-Race screen.
Fix for fuel being displayed incorrectly as mass, not volume.
Improvements to the lap timing and visual-split timing HUD widgets.
Fix for incorrect number of records being counted on Community Event screen.
Fixed an issue in Time Trial where Loaded Ghosts and Options on the Pre-Race menu were highlighted at the same time if the player added multiple ghosts in Time Trial.
Fixed an issue where an incorrect weather forecast icon is displayed for the client in the lobby details screen.


Various tyre behaviour tweaks and improvements to the different tyre compounds.
Altered the pre-heating temperatures of various tyres to prevent them from being outside optimum temp range at race starts.
New rain tyre compound improvements for Group C, GTP, all Formula cars, GT1, and LMP900.
Driveline improvements with increased synchro effect for Hewland-type gearbox
Lowered the time to jam gears together after a missed shift for all gearboxes.
Changes to Vintage Lotus treaded tyres to improve wet speed balance.
Altered radiator damage to make it more progressive, and not accumulate damage from minor impacts.
Fix for issues with radiator settings on the Toyota GT86 GT4, and Rocket Bunny versions, which under some conditions were causing engine overheating.
Changes to downshift protection based on vehicle speed.
Lowered minimum shift time for cars with H-pattern racing gearboxes.
Improved physics setup and damage for Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 AMG.
Fixed missing radiator damage for Ford Escorts, and Ford Mustangs.
Improvements to Formula Renault 3.5 default stable setup.
Performance balancing changes to the LMP1, GT3 and GT4 Classes.
Refinements to Vintage Low Grip tyre.
Balanced performance for BMW M3 GT4, and Ford Mustang Boss 302 R1.
Improved Modern Touring Car tyre compound.
Road car tyres: Tuned the aquaplaning and more sensible behaviour in very deep water.
Increased threshold for detaching front wings of Formula cars.
Adjusted various default setups:
– Aston DB11: Loose
– Aston Vulcan: Loose, and Stable
– BMW 320 TC: Stable
– BMW M3 E30: Loose, and Stable
– Chevy Camaro ZL1: Loose, and OEM
– Ferrari 330 P4: Loose, and Stable
– Ford Fusion Stockcar: Loose.
BMW 2002 StanceWorks: Fixed tyre texture, better strut geometry for kingpin angle and scrub radius, improved drag centre of forces in the aero model.


Improved AI in low- and high-speed cornering.
Improved balance between player and AI in wet conditions.
Improvements to general AI behaviour and racecraft across all tracks.
Tweaks to how AI are affected by snow and ice.
Improvements to the AI driving on slick tyres in wet weather.
AI Practice and Qualifying grip levels rebalanced to better match expected behaviour.
Better balanced AI speed on corner exit.
Generally improved the AI racing balance and ability across many tracks.


Update to various AI car sounds.
Added new sounds for lower pitch skidding.
Improved AI audio levels in replays.
Improvements to Lamborghini Huracán engine audio.
Reduced the skid sounds for the McLaren 720S.
Modified falloff curves for surface and skid sounds.
Updated sound mix for replays, with improved reverb settings for tunnels and bridges.
New tyre skid sound effects for treaded tyres.
Fix for an issue with audio not panning to all speakers in 7.1 under certain conditions.


California Highway Stage 3 - Added an alternate start line to clean up occasional start line issues.
DirtFish (all) - Fixed an issue with render flickering on main building.
DirtFish Mill Run - Fix for an exploit to prevent unrealistic lap times (This includes a leaderboard reset for Time Trial and Community Events on DirtFish Mill Run to remove bogus lap times).
Fuji - Fixed an issue with some render flickering on the front of the pit buildings.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval - Updated dynamic marks, updated AI alternate start line for better cleaner starts.
Circuit de 24 Heures du Mans - Fix for render flickering issue on the fence left of start straight, and in the curve entering the long straight.
Lohéac - Fix for an issue on one kerb where the physics would didn’t behave correctly.
Oulton Park - Fixed floating white lines near entry to pit lane.
Red Bull Ring—National: Changed some dynamic barriers and fixed LODs.
Red Bull Ring GP and National layouts - Fixes for various Replay and Pre-Race camera issues.
Sakitto - Fixed various render popup issues.
Fixed issues with the race start at various tracks.
Adjusted the pit lane placement of Pit Limiter Entry and Exit boards at several tracks.
Improvements to track cut settings at various tracks.


Audi A1 Quattro - Rebalanced the AI in rain vs. dry.
BAC Mono - New wet tyre compound.
BMW 320 TC - Fixes for gaps in the rear of cockpit, and fixed cockpit display clipping.
Caterham Seven 620 R - Improved wet tyre.
Chevrolet Camaro 1969 - New suspension geometry to better match the Hotchkiss design at the rear and SLA up front.
Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 - OEM setup differential opened up.
Dallara DW12 Road - New player rain compound, and new AI wet grip adjustments.
Formula X & Dallara IR-12 - Adjusted engine lifetime model.
Ferrari 488 GT3 - Reduced extra slip allowance at low speeds for better stability.
Ferrari F40 LM - Fixed various cockpit detail issues that were visible in VR.
Ford Escort RS1600 - Adjusted dry and wet speeds for AI to match latest physics changes.
Ford Falcon V8 Supercar - New rain compound.
Ford Falcon V8 Superca -  Added a new tyre carcass and made some minor improvements to car handling.
Formula Renault 3.5 - Increased rolling drag and friction torque to AI to balance their speed on straights.
Ginetta G40 - Improved AI tyre stiffness, grip and rolling resistance, to better match player, added new Junior tyre.
KTM X-Bow GT4 - Changed spring and damper data, and added optional final drive ratio.
Ligier JS P - Fixed exhaust positions.
Ligier LMP3 - Fixed rear 3rd bump stop having no range adjustment.
Lotus Type 51 - Increased players wet grip to better match the AI.
Mazda MX-5 Radbul - Engine cooling and durability adjustment to prevent engine from blowing after one lap. New drift setup added.
McLaren P1 GTR - Updated the differentials for Stable, and Loose default setups, for more stability and ease of driving.
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 - Improved default setup to improve stability.
Nissan Fairlady Z GTS - Various fixes enabling radiator damage, texture fixes, better drag balance, and bigger set of gear ratios.
Nissan Fairlady Z GTS-II - Raised shift light RPM-trigger to 8,000 RPM.
Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette - Boost adjustment for default setup to make the car more competitive with other Group 5 cars.
Porsche 936/77 - Added a wider set of gear ratios.
RWD P20 LMP2 - Changed shift lights to better match engine peak-power.
Toyota GT86 - Altered aero positioning, and fixed an aero-lose problem without changing the setup.
GT4 cars - Change to the tyre carcass model.
LMP1 Cars - Fixed an issue where the AI weren't using the hybrid system, causing an imbalance with the player.
LMP2 cars - Reduced aero drag by 35lbf @ 150mph.
Various road cars - Changed OEM tyres to the correct ones.
Kart - Disabled differential setup adjustments, new tyre carcass construction.
Improved dirt texture on various cars.
Fixed mud and snow textures on various cars.

Other Improvements

Added a Graphics Bias option
Fixed an issue in Time Trial where the player could load a ghost’s setup for a different car from the player’s car if the selected ghost was in the same class as the player’s car.
Improved the rendering of the edges of LiveTrack puddles for off-road/off-track areas.
Fixed an issue with mud and dust particles being visible inside cockpits.
Improvements to the wet track darkening render effect.
Much-improved motion blur and bokeh effects.
Fix for an issue where, in certain cases, LiveTrack conditions could be carried over from one game type to another.
Improved the synchronisation of clouds and rainfall, and the effects on cars.
Fix for a red/yellow graphical glitch sometimes appearing on track surface.
Fix for an occasional crash when switching shadow detail level.
Fixed an intermittent crash when entering text for a new pit strategy.
Fixed an issue where occasionally some AI cars would not move on the first viewing of a replay.
Fix for an issue that would reset the player’s tuning setup to default when Pausing and choosing to return to pits.
...and many other small tweaks, improvements and performance enhancements.

*Hot fix for crash when starting the game in certain scenarios in non-English installations.

To make sure that everything is working as intended, please delete your pre-patch setups and create new ones.

Nathan Bell
17-02-2018, 16:54
Hi all,

Update is now live on PS4. Full Update Notes below.

Project CARS 2 - Update


Fix for the sun flares in the rear view mirror that could cause corruption on PS4.
Fixed corruption on the right of the screen when using Enhanced Visuals or Enhanced Frame Rate on PS4 Pro.
Fixed a number of PS4 specific crashes.
Fix for white square being displayed in place of players avatar on consoles.
Fixed a possible application error when creating a new career.
Fixed a scenario where a user can cause a text overlap between the practice/qualifying and pause menus.
Fixed a crash when jumping straight to custom race from boot.
Fixed a crash associated with driver avatars when loading into a race.
Fixed an issue where a higher rank would be awarded to the driver with negative points in an online championship if the host adjusted the points.
Added a console button to select friends from the system UI.
Added functionality to be able to highlight specific friend in the friends list dialogue.

User Interface

Fixed an issue with inconsistency between info on the Track Select screen and the Loading screen.
Fix for the Online Browser filter not closing properly.
Fixed the Password Protected Lobby icon that was missing on the Lobby Details screen.
Fixed the standings orders to be by class, and then the drivers organised by points order within each class, on the Career Dashboard Standings screen.
Fixed some display units values not changing when switching between metric and imperial.
Fixed an issue where the game would become unresponsive when attempting to save a setup with no description.
Fixed an incorrect message displaying when entering an invlaid password.
Fixed Career nationality not defaulting to console / Steam users location.
Fix for Session and Race settings not updating in Online Championship rounds if the user applies a Motorsport Preset adding a round to the schedule.
Fix for options under Realism Settings in online lobbies, not displaying correctly and being inaccessible to Host after accessing the Realism Settings from the Online Lobby.
Added name of tyres on the car within the pre-race menu.
Fixed various language translations throughout the game.
Added message for when ghosts and times not being uploaded on invalid car and track combinations.
Fix for 'Pedal Type' and 'Calibrate Wheel' disappearing if the user clicks on the scroll bar of the Control Scheme from the Pause screen.
Fix for 'Rules & Regulations' and 'Esports' settings getting altered if user selects 'Reset to Default' in the 'Realism Settings'.
Fix for car classes disappearing in Vehicle Select screen of Online lobbies when changing vehicles in multi-class lobbies.
Fix for changes of Helmet Camera settings not saving properly via the Pause Menu Options.
Fixed for setup descriptions not fully appearing if it is too long.
Career - RX European Championship - Fixed missing 'Continue' button.
Fix for green screen appearing for a second when skipping the Career path intro movie.
Fix for two copies of 'Won Group A Pan America Championship' accolade.
Fix for Pit Strategies full message not appearing when trying to save a Pit Strategy with no available slots.
Fixed the 'Edit Driver' screen overlapping the Showroom when in Vehicle Select of Online Championships.
Show notification to lobby admin/host when a player rejects Director or Broadcaster roles.
Fix for missmatch of results on Sessions Result screen and Retire screen.
Adjusted location of important penalty messages on the HUD, and enabled them even when the HUD is Off.
Fix for long team names not appearing properly and getting cut off in Online Championships.
Fix for correctly displaying the finishing status of players and AI that do not finish the race or retire early.
Fix for host not being able to proceed from Practice to Qualifying due to missing 'Continue' button.
Fix for opponent car flicking if they retire from an Online Championship on the Pre-Race screen.
Fixed an issue where you were unable to see which setup you're selecting in Tuning Setups with HDR Enabled.
Fixed Online Championships showing previously assigned team names in new sessions.
Improved progress bars in Pedal Calibration to more accurately represent pedal input.
Fixed content of DLC appearing for players who have not purchased the DLC.
Fixed overlapping text issue in Pit Strategy.
Fixed to show correct image for Fanatec Porsche GT3 RS wheel in controller settings.
Fixed lobby details not showing all classes in multi-class Dedicated Server lobbies.
Added help text for Menu Spring Strength.
Removed Damper Saturation option.
Fixed issue where changing track would not remove invalid weather.
Fixed the game only allowing for 250 laps if the player sets more than 250 laps in Race Settings.
Fix for debug text appearing in S1, S2 and S3 columns of the In-Progress screen when the player selects 'Retire and Spectate'.
Fixed for pit stop time being estimated incorrectly when setting 'Change Tyres' to 'Recommended' on certain cars.
Fixed Manufacturer events showing incorrect progress for unlocked manufacturers when creating a new career.
Fix for number of pit stops not being displayed correctly in Post Race Results screen.
Fix for player not being able to determine their grid position when using the Indycar Motorsport Preset.
Fixed conversion when displaying rev limit in tuning setups.
Fix for 'Restart Session' being highlighted by default instead of 'Continue' on Session Results screens.
Fixed the pit stop progress information not showing in the pit stop cinematic cameras when entering the pits in the telemetry HUD.
Changed Rear View Mirror to disable dynamic scaling. Also uses Enhanced Mirror when using 'Enhanced Visuals' option.
Fixed for incorrect ordering after altering the Standings in Online Championship
Added active Motorsport Presets to View Info and Edit screens.
Fix for changes not being reflected when re-editting a created event.
Fixed an issue where the game would incorrectly round up players time on HUD and results screen.
Fix for taking damage in pit lane not appearing on the HUD damage element.
Fix for no data being displayed when loading a default setup after previously overwriting it.
Fix for 4th position missing in Standing Panel when on the grid during countdown sequence.
Fixed values in the centre Damper column of Dampers tab of Tuning Setup not changing.
Fix for 'Create New Pit Strategy' option remaining enabled when filling all pit strategy slots.
Fix for Team tab being disabled on Round Results screen of Online Championship.
Fix for Status/Session info in Replays not correctly updating when switching drivers.
Fix for Director and Broadcaster screens not showing all participants data in Online Championships.
Fix for Circuit of the Americas National circuit appearing when Daytona International Speedway Tri-Oval is selected in Online Championship.
Fix for game crash when backing out from replay videos and photos from the DNP to join online lobby just as it launches into a Practice session.
Added in centre cockpit camera to cars and options screens.
Fix for crash when player selects 'Compare Driver Network Profile' option from Team Roster of Online Championships after adding a Director or Broadcaster.
Fix for online lobbies not being sorted in lobby browser when a player tries to change the sort order of a certain column more than twice.
Fix for player not being able to access Driver Network Profile on Livery Select screen of Invitational Events.
Removed 'Edit' option in Online Championships lobby for options that can not be edited.
Improved the bars in the Competitive Racing License history chart to make them visible at lower values.
Fix for rounds in Online Championships Schedule being selectable after they have been completed.
Fixed overlapping Online Championship names when text is extremely long.
Improved lighting to some objects in car thumbnails.
Fixed current session information not being displayed on the Pre-Session screen in Online Championships.
Fix for tuning setups saving issues.
Fixed an issue in Online Championships where class wide results would fail to display under certain circumstances.
Improved the menu flow in Online Championships to prevent accidental return to main menu when pressing the back button during countdown on lobby screen.
Added lobby filtering for competitive racing license.
Fixed an issue in Russian where capital K and Y letters were showing as lower case in the driver profile.
Fixed an issue in the online lobby where the track UI wasn’t updating for the client if the host updated the lobby.
Fixed an issue where an incorrect detailed view of a car would be shown in vehicle select.
Fixed an issue where season was changing when changing the track after previously saving the setting.
Moved opposite lock in the options screen from controls to gameplay section.
Fixed an issue where multiple DLC invitation pop-ups were triggering after creating a new career.
Fixed an issue where user is unable to change lap number within a lobby screen.


Fix for Mazda Radbull backfires not being visible from the cockpit
Modified the material on Honda 2&4 glass HUD.
Fix for Honda 2&4 glass HUD blurring with road behind the glass.
Audi R8 LMS and R8 LMS 24H - Fixed LOD popping issue at the rear of the car.
Improved steering animations for Honda 2&4 and Radical SR3 when using a gamepad.


Bannochbrae - Fixed collision issues in the pit lane / pit area with bigger cars.
Long Beach - optimized LODB baked textures of buildings.
Silverstone Circuits - Fixed geometry not rendering in mirrors, and road mesh popping in.
Indianapolis - Fixed position of pit exit line objects and the issue where the car could avoid the pit out trigger.
Knockhill - Reduced garage depth to fix the AI hitting the curb and marshall box exiting pit garages.
Snetterton - New alternate start line to improve race starts.
Catalunya Rallycross - Fix for Joker Lap exploit.
Catalunya Club - Fix for cinematic cameras remaining active when restarting a session after it is over.
Lyden Hill - Fixed hole in collision mesh causing players to lose control when hitting a dip in the road.
Dubai Autodrome Club - Fixed incorrect track length.
Hell Rallycross - Improved tree walls and outer terrain LOD distance.
Donington Park - Fixed pitcrew positions.
Texas Motor Speedway - Fix for player receiving insufficent progress notification while leaving the pits.
Spa Francorchamps - Fixed rain and snow falling in garages.
Improved LODD for 3D spectators and crowds.
Monza Oval - Turned off oval flag. This disables the oval setup being applied here as track direction is opposite to the other ovals in the game.
Fix for advertisement boards failing to disappear and remaining on track after being knocked around and restarting the race.
Monza Short - Added a new pit lane path which fixes an issue where AI would delay a lap to pit.
Monza Short - Added slowdowns before pit entrance to fix an issue where disqualifications were given for speeding into pits.
Indianapolis - Added an alternate starting path for AI to improve rolling starts.
Updated pit crew animations for tracks with left hand sided pit-stop fueling.
Nubergring GP – Reduced AI speed in the Shumacher esses and increased entrance speed in the previous 180 degree corner.
Nordschleife Stage 3 – Turned down the AI speed in Flanzgarten "jump" both layouts to prevent AI going off the corner.
Daytona Oval – Adjusted inner corridors on the banked corner to prevent AI banking when racing side by side.


Shifted the aero drag centre towards the rear on a number of cars, fixing rear wing yaw effect.
Improved aero damage - both amount of drag with damage and also thresholds for AI to pit.
Ferrari 333SP - Small balance of performance changes to fit with other LMP900 cars.
Toyota GT-One 1999 - Small balance of performance changes to fit correctly with LMP900 cars.
Altered side and push drafting.
Lamborghini Siesto Elemento - Increased FFB strength as it was previously very low.
Added 5 litres to fuel capacity of Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3, Porsche 911 GT3 and BMW Z4 GT3. This ensures they can do a 90 minute race/fuel run with the rest of the GT3 cars.
Added a new Opposite Lock Assist for gamepads and keyboards. This is designed to help the player controlling oversteer and slides, and can be toggled On or Off.
Formula A - Reduced fuel tank capacity to a more reasonable level.
Improved AI tyres for Ford MK4, Lotus 40, Ferrari 365 GTB Comp and Merc 300 SL AMG
Fine tuned fuel guestimates for LMP1, GT3, GT4 and turbo cars.
Formula R and Formula C - Retuned Stable Setups for new tyres and easier driveability.
Ferrari 333SP - Fixed final drive ratios and improved AI gear useage.
LMP2 cars - Gave an approx 50hp power increase to get them closer to real world lap times, and adjusted radiator sizes to suit.
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 - Slight drag decrease to hit known top speeds with low rear wing.
Mercedes AMG GT3 and SLS GT3 - Default wings changed for AI cars for better speed balance at low downforce tracks.
Ford Fusion Stockcar - New Road course tyre. It has a siffter carcass and wider adhesive peak. Adjusted the AI tyres to match.
Formula Cars - Decreased sensitivity to aero damage.
Ligier Judd LMP2 and RWD P20 - Better engine cooling adjustments after HP changes.
Group C and IMSA GTP - Increased engine rotational inertia, new tyre carcass and re-balance of adhesive vs rip grip, reviewed Bump Stop lengths, reviewed lift:drag ratio on all cars and fuel consumptions.
GT3 Soft Slicks - tweaks to temperature operating window to broaden their range, mainly fixing them performing badly in the cold.
Dallara IR-15 Oval: Increased FFB multiplier, default gamepad setup changed to a differential which removes the left pull due to tyre stagger, revised tyre rubber for ovals when cold.
OMSE RX Lites - Increased FFB multiplier and shifted aero drag towards the centre.
Rallycross - Improved adhesive vs rip grip to help stability of slides on RX tyres.
Fixed issue that decalibrated wear on some tyres.
Formula Rookie and Formula C - Revised tyres, engine braking and damper setup for better stability.
Group C cars - Adjusted FFB for changes to tyres. Fixed rain tyre being faster than the slick.
Fixed differing amounts of fuel between players in Fixed Setup races.
Indycar & Ford Fusion - Increased tyre wear to better match player on ovals, making pitting and strategy similar.
Formula Rookie and Formula C - Adjusted FFB for changes to tyres. Fixed rain tyre being faster than the slick.
Improved BMW 1M FFB scale.
Ford Mustang RTR Formula Drift - Improvement to cars handling based off more of Vaughn Gitten Jr's feedback.
Ford Sierra Group A - moved the launch RPM back up higher to help the AI on race starts.
Dallara Oval - Fixed the FFB being very light.
GTE - Improved the rolling resistance of AI tyres to better match player speeds.
Porsche 911 GT3 R - Revised suspension geometry and setup from new reference material. Re-calculated chassis moments of inertia.
Fixed incorrect altitude of many tracks for better balance of performance between turbo and naturally aspirated cars.
Tuned the Ginetta G40 to better control after large impacts and jump landings. Rebalanced side aero forces and tire carcass bump-rebound damping.
Small increase in power to 525hp to the Nissan GTR GT3
Small HP balance adjustments to Bentley, Cadillac ATS and Ferrari GT3 cars.
Reduced the speed of slick tires in the rain.
Turned down drag penalty associated with aero damage.
Decreased suspension damage sensitivity to modern formula cars.
Adjustments made to reduce in-air negative tilt of some vehicles.
Increased rain tire heating for player cars.
Raised and moved back chase camera position for Ford Escorts to help with high FOV settings.
Increased speed on ovals to Lotus 56 and Lots 38.
Lowered rolling resistance of oval tires on Dallara DW12
Shifted aero drag balance rearward, fixed rear wing yaw effect, re-balanced adhesive and rip grip for its slick tire compounds for Ford Falcon V8SC
Reduced base wear on slick based rain tires.
Reduced heating on touring car rain tires.


Fixed the driver helmet to show correctly in helmet view camera.
Improved results of simulated career sessions. We have reduced the randomness by looking more at performance and driver skill. Qualifying to race grid positioning will now more closely match results when not simulating.
Fixed issue where changing track in Multiplayer to one with a smaller grid size doesn't limit the entrants to the lobby, causing some players to spawn under the track.
Career - Group A - Changed the date of the round 1 for the PA Final race at Bathurst so the weekend is no longer in the snow season.
Fixed ambiguous spotter logic calculating chances remaining to take joker lap in RX.
Fix to ignore other classes for cut track penalties in multi-class races.
Fixed players having control of the car before the 'manual control' handover at the start of Formation Laps.
Fix for Competitive Racing License not disabling if Flag / Penalties are disabled.
Fixed players receiving speed limit penalties in penalties when the auto speed limiter is engaged.
Fix for a hang in Time Trial when restarting and driving over the Start/Finish line.
Disabled headlights when ghosting.
Fixes of issues relating to JIP and Spectators for Rolling Starts.
Improved formation laps so leader slows down earlier to let the rest of the field catch up in the switch from Formation Lap to Rolling Start phase.
Fix for players being able to drive in community events with DLC cars, when they don't own the DLC.
All vehicles are now allowed to be used on Kart tracks in Time Trial and Private Testing.
Fixed remaining race time calculation for the end of session simulation.
Fix for tuning setups being applied in fixed setup Community Events.
Radical and Light Sports slick - adjust the range of ideal temperature to reduce the difficulty of the tyre when warming up.
Fixed the Lotus 38 and Lotus 56 being slow at Indy Oval.
Added sound for penalties HUD messages.
Tuning of cut track tweakers following Patch 3 feedback to reduce the amount of calculated slow down time required following track limit breaches.
Fix for exploit where players could enable driving aids that are not allowed in Time Trial and Community Events.
Fix for AI taking over control of the car when setting the 'Swap Driver' option to ON in the ICM, and not pitting.
Fix for tyre pressures being ignored when changed from pit strategy.
Fix for Tuning Setup resetting to default after making a personal best time and restarting the session.
Fixed Pit Stop Estimate time not being calculated for RX cars.
Fixes for sounds of high/fast revving engines sounding poor.
Added Sampala track to Private Testing mode.
Fix for crash when admin of Online Championship assigns any car to a player through a DLC car class.
Fix for player not joining a lobby when accepting an invite whilst on Esports screen.
Fix for game crashing when trying to save ghost data with 'Fake Free Space' turned on.
Removed 'Randomize All Cars' button in Online Championship when using Kart tracks.
Fix for player receiving penalties due to others retiring and spectating during formation lap.
Fix for skipping of Career round if player joins and completes and Online Championship race whilst their Career Championship is active.
Fix for car stalling whilst being held in pit box due to other cars passing, despite clutch pedal being pressed.
Fix for exploit to make the player immune to penalties when ghosted in multiplayer.
Fix for 'Invite Only' trophy unlocking after installing DLC and starting a new Career.
Improvements when players JIP into session.
Fix for vehicle swerve after gaining control of the car when restarting a Time Trial session.
Added pit speed limiter to cars that had it missing.
Fixed some instances where incorrect starting grid positions were assigned to players.
Increased the number of opponents and player starting grid position on invitational event ‘Icons On Show’.
Increased pitstop join-out times from 7 to 14 seconds for smoother exits.
Fixed an issue where left sided pitstops were causing parts of the vehicle chassis to flip.
Fixed an issue where return to position penalties were being given based on overall position and not class position.
Fixed an issue where the camera would quickly switch sides during pitstops with some cars.
Fixed an issue where weather was not correctly syncing across online races.
Fixed an issue where fuel level would appear white even if it was not enough to complete a session on track without a refuel.
Improvements to the cut track penalty system to now take in account crashed, pitted and other class opponents in timed races.
Prevents the online reputation safety rank from increasing when there are no opponents on track.
Fixed an issue where pit crew would freeze when taking a fuel-only pitstop.
Added ‘automatic by weather choice’ to the pitstop strategy menu. Crew will change tires if they are deemed unsuitable for the weather.
Fixed an audio issue where pit-crew animations and sounds were not in sync on shorter pit-stops.
Fixed an issue during RX Lites career during Q2 where HUD would display incorrect info.
Fixed an issue where points were not being awarded to each class in a multiclass race for fastest qualifying lap.
Fixed an issue where a player would receive a time penalty when hit by another player during a formation lap by selectively blaming the player that was told to stay behind the other.
Fixed an issue which resulted in a rare crash when crossing the finish line in multiplayer races.
Fixed a hang caused by crashing into AI during the warm-up lap.


Daytona - Updated AI. Fixing missing pit path corridors, improving pit entry speeds and a new alternate start path to clean up contact at the start.
Brands Hatch GP - Slowed AI laptimes by about 2 seconds to bring cars in line with players feedback of them being too fast.
Fixed an issue with the AI not getting affected by aero damaged.
Dallar IL-12 Oval - Adjusted AI top speeds, rolling resistance, load sensitivity and total grip to balance with other changes, and reduce corner entry speed at Indy to better match player.
Oval AI - Improved how aggressively AI changes lanes to reduce contact and improve racing.
Le Mans - slowed the AI alternate start line in Ford Chicane where cars were getting loose when the race went green on rolling starts.
Laguna Seca - Slowed the AI speed on the pit lane exit at the inside of Turn 1 to better match player.
Monza - New AI Pit lane path to fix cars going off into the gravel after the chicane.
Improved AI pit exit speeds to fix AI ramming the player in the back on pit lane exit.
Improved AI on oval tracks.
Dubai Autodrome - New AI alternate start line to improve first lap.
Brno - New AI alternate start line to improve first lap.
Willow Springs - Fixed AI speeds in final turn.
Fuji - New alternate AI start line to fix bad merge from Formation Lap to Rolling Start phase.
Rouen GP - Improved AI pit entry to stop them going in too fast.
Improved AI rain speeds - Reduced their rolling drag with saturation, improved AI throttle application on corner exit giving better balance.
Improved AI aggression.
Imola - New alternate start line to improve AI at race starts, and adjustments to AI cornering speeds.
Improved when AI use KERS/boosts as they weren't using it on some straights when they should/could have.
Improved AI behaviour and speed on cooldown lap.
Fix AI behaviour when pulling over due to damage.
Improved AI tyre choice in light rain conditions.
Improved AI tyre selection in changing conditions.
Improved AI Mandatory pit stop logic to avoid making too many stops in changing conditions.
Fix for AI lifting off the throttle and following to stay in line in ovals.
Improved AI path finding offroad.
Improved AI tyre wear to better match what the player experiences.
Sugo - New alternate start line which cleans up race starts, and adjusted AI speed through turn 6 and the final turn.
Dubai International - New AI dry racing line for better consistency.
Sakitto GP - New AI dry racing line for better consistency, and new alternate start line to improve race starts.
LMP3 cars - New tyres for the AI to better tune their rolling resistance.
Improved the timing of AI pulling out of slip stream when overtaking.
Nurburgring GP - New AI alternate start line to improve race starts.
Texas Motor Speedway Road Course - New AI alternate start line to improve race starts.
Zhuhai - New AI racing line to improve their pace and consistency.
Improved AI passing of cars going slowly or trying to give back positions.
Texas Oval - Fix the AI hitting the pit wall.
Daytona Tri Oval - Fix to AI pit lane path to prevent the AI from hitting the pit wall and improved pit entry and exit merges.
Watkins Glen - New AI line and alternate start line to improve AI competitiveness.
Silverstone GP - New pit path to resolve issue with AI driving off the track after turn 2.
Various improvements to AI logic for avoiding danger and passing.
Daytona Road Circuit - Reduced AI speeds coming off the oval into Turn 1.
Long Beach - Adjusted AI cornering speeds to improve their lap times.
Catalunya GP and Catalunya National - Improved AI alternate start lines to improve their race starts.
Monza GP - New AI start line to clean up race starts. Also improved AI setups here to fix the GT1 cars getting loose in Paracbolica.
Monza GP - Improved AI speeds around the lap to make them a lot faster based on public forum feedback.
Dayonta Oval - tweaked AI line at the kink to prevent them lifting slightly in stock cars.
Ford Fusion - Given the AI the tallest final drive ratio at Daytona to fix them bouncing off the rev limiter in the draft.
Daytona Road Course - New AI and alternate start line, improving first lap and general lap performance.
Dirtfish Mill Run - Updated AI corridors.
Improved AI in snow conditions.
Hockenheim - New alternate AI start lines and AI improvements.
Laguna Seca - New AI alternate start line to clean up race starts.
Improved AI driveability at tighter tracks in the Ford Bronco Brocky.
Improvements to AI rain braking and corner exit parameters.
Improved AI behavior cornering in Watkins Glen GP and Short.
Improved AI behavior when being forced into situations where reversing is necessary.
Increased trigger threshold from 5% to 15% of top speed percentage to prevent AI from firing at the end of a reverse.
Improves cases of AI swerving during pre-race lap straights from causing occasional crashes.
Slow or lapped AI cars now allow for more room from overtaking cars.
Oval AI values adjusted, reduced affect of leader coasting by 50% and added minimum lap count. Reduced bias affect for overtaking / drafting based on lap count.


Thrustmaster LCD Display - Fixed display showing Neutral and Reverse gear as 'n'.
Fix for Controller/Wheel setups getting reset if control type is changed and game is restarted.
Added support for Thrustmaster LCD Display.

Madness Engine

Improved Livetrack 3.0 performance.
Fixed a crash when failing to create DX device.
Fixed various crashes.
Fixed a stuttering problem caused when vehicles would take damage.

Tom Brown
11-04-2018, 16:37
Project CARS 2 - PS4 Update

Addition of the Ferrari 488 Challenge car, and liveries from the 2017 Ferrari Challenge series. This is the latest Ferrari to feature in Maranello’s single-marque championship, and the most powerful car in the series’ 25-year history.  
Addition of two new layouts to the Porsche Leipzig on-road circuit.
Corrected a small number of turbo and suspension issues on various cars.
Resolved an issue where some drivers would appear stuck on track during qualification or race session.
Resolved an issue where the end of race results would display incorrectly.
Resolved multiple ghost loading issues in time trial.
Polished the Online Reputation calculations, including tweaks for when players retire due to excess damage.
Corrected an occasional issue of players being taken to the wrong lobby if the host set up a new lobby whilst the old one was populated.
Mechanical failures no longer include aerodynamic damage.
Various improvements to the AI at a number of tracks and conditions.
Solved an issue in career when, under certain circumstances, the standings would not display correctly.
Multiple other miscellaneous fixes and optimisations.

These notes are noticeably smaller than previous update notes. We had to refrain from listing every single fix as they were causing massive delays with certification. So keeping the notes smaller allowed us to push the update out for you all much quicker.

Nathan Bell
04-06-2018, 08:51
Project CARS 2 - PS4 Update

Various improvements, fixes and optimisations.

Fixed occasional stability issues.
Improved usability of in-game tools.
Improved AI ability at various tracks.
Improved the penalty system.
Optimised tyre wear in wet conditions.
Optimisations to LiveTrack at various tracks.
Improved track-limit zones.
Other miscellaneous fixes.

As I mentioned previously, we will no longer be releasing fix-by-fix patch notes. I can't fully go into detail why, but just know that it's much more efficient for us internally this way, so this is how it will be going forward. We hope you guys enjoy the new update. Happy racing.

Tom Brown
10-09-2018, 13:49
Project CARS 2 - PS4 Update

Fixed various stability issues.
Improved usability of in-game tools.
Improved AI ability at various tracks.
Improved the penalty system.
Improved pitstops and repair logic.
Various other minor fixes.

Tom Brown
02-10-2018, 09:14
Project CARS 2 - PS4 Update

Adjusted issue with the number of drivers in an online game to allow for private broadcaster/director games without a broadcaster role being assigned.
Resolved a problem where custom setups would be reverted to defaults when pitting.
Fixed an issue where qualifying penalties were only applied to the host in an online game.
Fixed a problem with loading the "Loose" tuning setup when the game language was not set to English.