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13-10-2017, 07:20
I'm coming to Project Cars from an "other" game, where i am used to creating content for my two sites through Xbox One.
I have taken a few pictures on Project Cars 2, but the quality does not seem to be quite right even after messing with the camera settings. The problem is not so much blurry, but poorly antialiased lines.

Is this just what i can expect of the Xbox one version or is there a way around this? i simply take a screen shot of the image from my TV, but on the "other" game, it would render the images to be fetched from an external site.


Robert Dibley
13-10-2017, 09:02
The issue here is that one pixel in the multi-sampled image contains samples from both the near (in focus) and far (out of focus) area, but the Bokeh rendering can only be one or the other, so you get some pixel discontinuities.
There has been an adjustment made in the patch which adds a post-pass to minimise the issue, and we will be looking at it again in the future, but right now our render technology guys are focused on other areas.

13-10-2017, 09:45
Thanks Robert!
I am afraid that none of that made any sense to me, but i am sure that it is correct!
Is there a way around this, by changing the Bokeh shape? I have worked with the aperture to make distant blur as minimal as possible, but could not remove the blur all together.

Also, for a possible future feature, a focus lock, that allows to focus on an area that is not in the center of the lens would be hugely appreciated. I can ususally work around this with cropping, but the resolution is not large enough to have a proper image after cropping

Robert Dibley
13-10-2017, 13:46
The Photo Mode interface I am seeing locally (which is of course the patched build) has focal distance control and Bokeh control (all the way down to off.)