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25-10-2017, 23:27
Could someone explain why that thread was locked without any explanation, that has just stoked the fire, not clever!

Krus Control
25-10-2017, 23:31
It even made me suspicious honestly. But I don't think it's productive to push the issue. If SMS wanted to make a statement they would have by now. Just direct people to that thread or to Andy's actual Steam profile.

SMS doesn't want to get in an argument with players about something so trivial because of the actions of one player. Also I think SMS strongly believes that people can enjoy the game however they want, and that includes knobs like this. But that doesn't mean they don't frown upon this guy's actions.

25-10-2017, 23:36
An explanation was all that was needed though, no it was or wasn't, locking the thread smacks as an admission of guilt, this is esports we are talking about not some random lobby, it brings the rep of ESL down, not trying to start a war here, would be nice to hear feedback, I am not trolling here, I love this game but stuff like this needs nipping in the bud.

Ya know I have bad nights where I maybe had a beer or three too many and I get called out and I will freely admit it was not my best performance ;-)

Krus Control
25-10-2017, 23:38
I've got a suggestion:

Andy could contact a Youtuber like Gamermuscle or Jimmy Broadbent (fracking love these guys) and hold a "Race with Andy Tudor" event. That would clear things right up.

25-10-2017, 23:41
^^ Love it, do an open mic with Andy like Ian Bell did, I had much respect for that interview, I like straight talking people ;-)

Ian Bell
26-10-2017, 00:21
I didn't know the thread was locked, I just posted in it.

26-10-2017, 00:32
It is locked Ian but thanks for the reply , the question wasn't that he was purposely ramming it was the driving standards and to ask the question was it himself or a clone, just would have liked a straight answer as the driving was pretty bad in a few of our opinions.

26-10-2017, 10:52
It's not clear why it was locked, usually moderators communicate internally why it was locked, but not on this one. May have been a slip of a mouse button.