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07-11-2017, 12:45
Hi can anybody help me I play using oculus vr and save the odd replay when I go back to watch the replay and want to take a photo at certain points I canít move the camera around the keys on the left of the screen that tell you what to press to move around are greyed out so Iím just wondering how people achieve the free camera shots thanks

07-11-2017, 13:39
try Ctrl + K

07-11-2017, 14:13
Just tried but doesn’t do anything still can’t move camera around A D strafe left/right W S move forward/back & Q Z move down /up are all greyed out meaning all I can do is zoom in/out look around that doesn’t allow me to rotate around the cars just left to right and E R tilt left / right that’s all I can seem to be able to use
Thanks for idea though

07-11-2017, 14:19
It’s ok I have found a way just needed to assign keys to cycle camera while game is paused cheers

29-11-2017, 00:09
I found this also but then discovered why,

Down the bottom of the replay you have a few fixed camera positions (chase/bumper etc) + the Moement ones (trackside etc)

Select one of the Fixed cameras and push the photo button, you will have all thoose options greyed out available to you now and can take what ever you want, Ive noticed its set to a Movement Camera as default when you first go into a replay.

29-11-2017, 16:38
how are you guys doing this?

29-11-2017, 18:49
how are you guys doing this?

Im guessing you are asking about Photo mode in general ?

If you Pause in game and go to the replay option, rewind etc to where you would like to take a photo, there is a wee Camera icon top right of the replay control panel, Click this and you will go into a photo mode, Make sure to change the camera position from a "Movement" Camera to a Fixed camera like Chase, Bumper etc then you can do what ever you like and no option will be greyed out to take a pic,

After every Session Practice / Qual / Race you will have the option to View replay by selecting it bottom left "" View Replay "" Return to Race central "" Restart session ""

When you Choose to view the replay after a session you will have an option to Save that replay also.

13-12-2017, 15:50
if assign replay camera change buttons you'll get this as result: