View Full Version : question about event in dirtfish , joker or not joker ?

05-03-2018, 11:33
hi all ,
all is in the question , i ask for public answers last month but nobody answers in this thread :


i just have answer to my question in private by esport moderator and you say to me this :

"Hello. It is OK to use the Joker. Community Events are about setting the absolute fastest lap time possible. On some Rallycross tracks, that can mean using the Joker if it is the shorter route around the circuit.

If the Joker was banned, we would have said so in the description for the event.

Kind regards. "

so is it same for this event ?

thank you for public answer


20 first pilots take Joker , if it s allowed , i take too :-)

Project CARS Esports
05-03-2018, 17:53
Yes, it is OK to use the Joker in Rallycross Community Events.

05-03-2018, 18:05
ok thank you