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12-04-2018, 05:21
Hey guys!

New member here. Just bought PC2 a few days ago. Been having a blast learning the Nordschleife on it! Was fortunate enough to set the global leader board time with an Audi R8 (as an in-joke with a friend, since he owns one!) the other day.

Here's the video. Hope you guys enjoy it.


My friend Henrik has since taken that record down by 200ms, but I plan to get it back shortly! I learned I accidentally had stability control on while doing the original, so the car is definitely a lot more fun to drive now.

Also, here are some record individual stage times with external cameras.



12-04-2018, 08:00
... "bought PC2 a few days ago" ... "learning the Nordschleife" ... "global leader" ... One word: Alien ;)

Amazing pace you and your friend are showing, congrats! Keep racing and having fun =)

(Gonna have to look for you guys and get your setups :P )

12-04-2018, 09:39
Good Base i try it Out ..Try of the Helps was a bit faster Spezial in Sector 1 i found 1,1 Second more ..but do a littel mistake and lost it on the End ;) But for the Moment i get a 7:06.740

12-04-2018, 17:51
Awesome work bytecruncher! I just saw your time on the board before. What do you mean by 'try of the helps'?

Thanks Reiche - it's appreciated. Still learning the best lines and how to use the curbs effectively, but I'm usually too chicken in my serious runs, especially with a car as prone to spinning as the R8, haha.

12-04-2018, 18:30
I mean drive without Traction and Abs ,and yeah we beginn now to step away form the standard setup..more tweaks and Time can be found :D