View Full Version : A1 eSports League Austria (pCARS2)

Andy Rink
20-04-2018, 09:42
Anyone else watching? streaming live right now.


Tiger Feet
20-04-2018, 09:43
I cant see this posted elsewhere.... It will kill time at work :)


20-04-2018, 09:45
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Andy Rink
20-04-2018, 10:02
First time I've watched a live eSports stream... Watching these may become a thing for me. :)

Andy Rink
21-04-2018, 02:36
Meh, that didn't go so well, was exciting when the connection was working. After awhile I had to call it quits, go do something else.

21-04-2018, 15:38
The worst organized event I have watched so far.

My grandmother would have organized it better.
Only good thing where the commentators. Michel was OK, and Actroll was the only bright light there. All praises for this man, he has really put himself into it.

One thing I must mention, because it would be a 'scrollable' post If I would mention all the bad thing there, but:

How stupid you must be to have a random starting grid for a "e-sports ready" prize oriented competition?