View Full Version : G40 gt5, Azure coast, sunny, every tyre.

10-06-2018, 13:01
I thought it would be fun to try all the tyres on one car at one event. Almost default loose, same set up and tyre pressures.

The times.

Slick, AI 120/100, win, 8.14s
All Weather, AI 120/100, second, 8.20s
All Terrain, AI 85/100, second, 8.50s
Ice, AI 65/100, second, 9.05s

Only a 6s gap wearing slicks versus all weather underestimates how much more grip the slicks had but this car is more often power limited not grip limited so the extra grip of the slicks is felt most during braking not cornering as can be seen in the videos.

The all weather tyres are easier to drive with than the slicks despite their lower grip with much more gracious loss of grip and more audible and ffb clues signaled to the driver sooner. Recovery is also easier with the all weather tyres.

The all terrain tyres had grip similar to wet tyres in a storm but were easy and controllable to slide about. Lowered AI to 85.

The ice tyres made the dry road similar to snow to drive and needed much gentle control of throttle and brake. Lowered AI to 65.



All Weather.


All terrain.




11-06-2018, 08:54
And also every tyre in the same conditions as above but in a thunderstorm.

Slick - 11.24s, Diff lowered to 30/100, now that is what I call aquaplaning.
Ice - 10.55s, less aquaplaning but little grip. Diff 60 but needs to be 40.
All Terrain - 9.58, drivable at 120/100 finished with others.
All Weather - 9.43, 120/100, first.

So there you go, the wrong tyres are crap. Slicks in the rain were hilarious. I was going to do snow too, but no snow at Azure coast.

Slicks, storm.


Ice, Storm.


All Terrain, storm.


All Weather, storm.