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28-08-2018, 23:50

Hello all. New to the forums and getting myself back into Sim racing - haven't really played since the GT3 days.
Bought myself some new Fanatec equipment and have been playing a few games this week.
I have some road racing history with my own vehicles and am a licensed mechanic for BMW dealer.
anyway I know im new to the game and trying to make the game a challenge and improve all while not trying to throw my steering
wheel through the monitor :P.
Video link posted below. Any insight or tips would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
AI settings - 120%(pro)
Aggressive 80% - Not a fan of full aggressive with the Ai as IMO its not aggressive, they just drive like a bunch of D**ks and have no regard of where you or anyone else is on the track. Just my experience so far.

Since I have made this video I have turned AI down to 100..Just cant compete with the AI on 120 on most of the tracks to be honest.. seems like around the 100% mark Its a fight to get in the top 10 to qualify, and even then its a damn good race to take First for me anyway
Anyone have any tips or notice things im doing wrong don't be afraid to let me know. Thanxs

29-08-2018, 15:45
One thing I am noticing that is slightly wrong, is that very often, even when you are on full throttle, the speedo shows some very small brake input, too, which will definitely slow down you a bit. Same when fully braking, there's often a little bit of gas pedal input, even at the very first stages of braking.

Are you resting your foot on the brake pedal even while being on full throttle? If yes, this explains it, I guess you need to calibrate your pedals so they do not translate this very small pressure as braking really. If not, maybe it's some other issue, but with careful calibration it should go away anyway.

Apart from that, a general comment, at 120% the AI cars have much more power than you have, so I wouldn't be worried if they end up faster than you in some trcks this way :)

30-08-2018, 04:10
much appreciated on the input. I also did notice that as well, I think it is my foot being rested on the pedals. I will re-calibrate them tomorrow..maybe even put them in a small 1-2% deadzone.

is it just me or do people find that you are able to stop much quicker with ABS turned off. I turned tire noise up and the ABS wheel feedback on the wheel up.. im finding I am able to prevent my wheels from locking up and stop much sooner, at least from my perspective.. haven't done any races longer than 20 mins too see if its effecting tire life yet.
getting pissed off at this GT4 class race tho lol. regret picking the Porche cayman.. do not like driving that car lol

09-02-2019, 08:46
Very good skill. When I prefer Toyota cars compared to BMW cars. Because the Toyota car is cooler

28-02-2019, 10:32
I'm Cris from the USA
I used to play GT3
Now I play GT5
I kind of attached to GT% games.