View Full Version : [Request] Timing Monitor for Windows

12-12-2018, 18:03
Hi Guys.

I am looking for a Software that allows me to look at my sectortimes and the sectortimes of others in the session.
There are android apps that do this, but I wasn't able to find anything for windows.

Anyone has an idea if something like this is already available?

Thank you

12-12-2018, 21:15
RS-Dash for windows

13-12-2018, 14:12
What he said above. rsDash is a brilliant piece of software that provides so much for us virtual racers. I use the Android version and make sure the app is running every time I start a session. The automatic upload of your sessions is a huge plus for it and the dev is always open to suggestions and looking at ways to improve it. First rate app.