View Full Version : Esports players in Washington, DC?

09-01-2019, 06:52
Hey guys! I work in Washington DC, and I'm the head of the gaming education program at my company. I'm looking to find volunteer Esports players to participate as panelists to discuss their Esports experience. Our company is trying to expand the gaming community and address common misconceptions in gaming and Esports. This panel discussion event is going to be in February.

For people outside of DC, or not Esports players: What do you guys think about an event like this? Would you go? What kinds of topics should I go over or cover with the panelists?

09-01-2019, 18:47
I think you should cover how and why they get to where they are, what people (particularly friends and family) think of what they do, and how they would like to see eSports, specifically SimRacing eSports and Project CARS 2 eSports, to grow in the future.

15-05-2019, 10:49
I'm not in Washington DC. However, I like Esport games very much. I always participate in such activities in my country. I regularly watch LoL matches and cheer for my favorite team.