View Full Version : SMS-R Series Now Open.

Nathan Bell
13-02-2019, 14:37
Hey all. Round 1 qualifying for the Challenger Class in the Playseat® SMS-R Series is now open. Details on how you can get involved. (https://twitter.com/NathanBell_SMS/status/1095617362504699904)

21-02-2019, 11:51
De Tweet bekijken van @projectcarsgame: https://twitter.com/projectcarsgame/status/1098204351401807873?s=09

Watch the track guide for Qualifying Round 2 in the Playseat® SMS-R Series. Courtesy of @Yorkie065. Drivers: Please don't forget to also register at https://t.co/tbXpDvrhd7 to be eligible to progress beyond the qualifying stage of the tournament. https://t.co/oT8DwZvQ7j

21-05-2019, 06:38
thanks for the explanation .. i am registering