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28-03-2019, 18:03


The Virtual Racing Association (https://virtualracingassociation.com/) is one of the UKs leading motorsport media & Sim racing organisers that continues to grow in precedence with each competitive season, Since its foundation in 2014 VRA has been working within the motorsport industry helping them engage & work with the online world providing them with organized Sim Racing series that show case their great on track efforts thought out the year, supporting those involved with the teams, drivers, media & professional motorsport organizations such as the British Automobile Racing Drivers Club (https://www.barc.net/) promoting their efforts to the wider world.

Featuring some of the very best UK based eSport series including the likes of the Dunlop Britcar Endurance Championship (http://www.britcar-endurance.com/), Dunlop Saloon Car Cup (https://www.salooncarcup.co.uk/), & WTCR - FIA World Touring Car Cup (https://www.fiawtcr.com/), Virtual Racing Association (https://virtualracingassociation.com/) is breaking new ground by allowing drivers & teams to test their skills online in competitive fully-loaded race weekends.


Virtual Racing Association (https://virtualracingassociation.com/) originated out of a passion for real motorsport & sim racing putting an emphasis on promoting the benefits of professional simracing championships as a sustainable and cost-effective motor sport media that can be used as an entry into racing for aspiring racing drivers, professional and other forms of media. With the ever-growing public interest in sim racing has been highlighted by the recent increase in media coverage that surrounds motorsport, helped on by many professional teams showing just how drivers use multi-million-pound race simulators throughout the season to improve and develop their cars, while an ever-growing understanding of the costs involved has seen a host of companies such as Fanatec and logistic utilise the same technology for the mass market. While the Virtual Racing Association (https://virtualracingassociation.com/) and sim racing are still seen by many as emerging fields, its clear from the ever-growing portfolio of top flight motorsport series and global manufactures that are getting involved in what is now a $139.7 billion-dollar market, that the potential opportunities of being involved in the industry are now being viewed by those who had not previously considered them.

So if you looking for a new racing series or just want to get involved with one of our race series? Then come on over to see what Virtual Racing Association (https://virtualracingassociation.com/) can do for you!

With Virtual Racing Association (https://virtualracingassociation.com/) we allow our drivers to share their sim racing experience through our own Facebook group VRA: eSports (https://www.facebook.com/groups/259832954655027/), so you'll always have a place to show of your skills, latest design or fastest lap time the options really are endless!

Website - www.virtualracingassociation.com (https://virtualracingassociation.com/)

Twitter - @VRAMotorsport

Facebook - www.facebook.com/VRAMotorsport/ (https://www.facebook.com/VRAMotorsport/)

19-04-2019, 11:04
very interesting offer

19-04-2019, 11:31
Very interesting indeed, but I could not find anywhere in the site which simulations is being used. I see in some of the races there are tracks used that are not available in PCARS2, so it's for another sim I assume. Or are there some championships for other sims and one or more for PCARS2?

23-08-2020, 12:51