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09-01-2020, 02:11

I feel like that overtake was gonna happen one way or the other. It was inevitable. Once I saw he had the pace and headed over to the middle of the track, I had to cover it. But did I? It would have been silly to try to overtake on turn 1, but people try it, and succeed. Maybe all he wanted was put my car off line to get me on the next straight (which is exactly what happened).

But I wonder if I could have done a better job...

18-02-2020, 04:03
Well outside of you sliding off the track a few times you also left the door open to him other times. I don't know if you were obeying the crew chief app but you had the lead and should have not let him advance. Seemed to have straighline speed on you but hard to tell since you were losing a lot in the corners.

18-02-2020, 05:50
It's hard to tell from this viewpoing, his position is not always clear to me, but here are a few observations:

24:20 bad exit from T12, puts you under direct pressure from him
24:40 that was a good defensive move before T1, but you did not take your tighter line into account and overshot the corner [1]. So I think you could have slowed a bit more here because of the tight line.
24:50 consequently, he passes you cleanly before T2
24:54 your attempt to go outside him in T2: you did not have enough speed and squeezed him too much while being almost half the car length behind him at the apex. So the corner was his and the contact was your fault
25:10 at T6 that was a desperate divebomb, you moved to the inside under braking and overshot the corner pretty bad [2]. I think he saved both of you by braking early and switching to the inside. Instead of expecting you to stay on the inside and trying the outside. Still it kind of worked for you because you are slightly in front now
25:30 T8 again you overshot from the inside again allowing for a switch [3], but at least you were on the inside and alongside him all the time before the corner. I am wondering how far to the right he was, if there was space you would benefit from staying in the middle of the track not so close to the inside
25:40 after T10 you seem to be pushing him off the track on a straight even though he was ahead of you at the apex of T10 and now is gaining on you. Therefore, the bump from him was justified.
25:48 T11 [4] for the fourth time you are approaching a corner on the inside and too fast, overshooting it (both the apex and the exit). And again he, probably seeing you going too fast, wisely switched and left you behind, struggling on the gravel

So I think that your defenses would work better if, when approaching a corner on the inside, you judged your braking better, did not overshoot, did not allow for switch, and possibly get better exits. It's hard to accelerate efficiently if you are off-track.

A lot of criticism here, but you are welcome to disagree :-). And it was a nice battle anyway, with relatively little pain exchanged.