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24-05-2020, 01:45
Olympus Racing League GT3 PC

NOTE: we only have 2 more driver slots for season 2 left. You might however sign up as a reserve driver or join us and race in closed online lobbies while waiting for season 3.

Anyone is welcome to join experienced and beginners, this is a league for developing and growing as a race driver.

I am happy to announce that we are now openly recruiting for our second season witch will start at 14th of June.

Promotional Video Season 2


Community Name: Olympus Trading Company
League Name: Olympus Racing League GT3

Description: For a different kind of experience we only race with custom team cars. We strive to keep the races as realistic as possible and we uphold fair and clean racing above anything else. Incidents and especially repeated incidents are treated very serious and penalties in various forms will be handed out in case of reckless driving. Our community are fun and friendly and even tho we value clean racing we also got some nice competitive racing going.

Our Racing Discord: https://discord.gg/mPTQGRZ

Our Discord for other games: https://discord.gg/uxx3ZUT

Platform: PC

Lobby Name: “Olympus R League S2”
Password: Revealed in a post just before the race
Max number of drivers: 28 (currently 2 Slots left)
Class: GT3
List of season 2 Tracks and race order

Practice: 45 Minutes
Qualifying: 15 Minutes
Race: Laps equal to 150 KM or About 60 minutes of racing.

In total expect the event to take slightly over 2h if you join during practice. Latest requirement to join is during the qualification

Our drivers as well as our teams for season 2

Race Settings:
Allow Auto Start Engine: YES
Force Interior View: NO
Force driving line off: NO
Force Manual gears: NO
Force Realistic driving aids: YES

Damage type: Full Damage
Mechanical Failures: YES
Allow Ghosted Vehicles: NO
Force Manual Pit stops: YES
Pit Stop Errors: NO
Tyre Wear: Authentic
Fuel Depletion: YES
Force Cooldown Lap: YES

Rules & Penalties: ON
Track limit Penalties: ON
Allowable time penalty: 10
Drive-Through penalties: ON
Pit exit penalty: ON
Competitive Racing License: ON
Min. Competitive Licence Required: U100

Start Type: STANDING
Mandatory Pit stop: YES

Season 1 Final results