View Full Version : Project cars GO will be no more...

28-10-2021, 17:15
As you can all read, SMS have decided to discontinue support or pCARS GO...
For those who have in-game payed currency,please check out the link to learn how you can get refunded...


28-10-2021, 17:18
For those who play and wish to continue playing the game, this particular quote will be of interest to you:

What this means is from October 31st 2021, the Project CARS Go app will no longer be available in the App Store or Google Play. If you have previously downloaded the app, you will continue to see it on your home screen unless you delete it. In other words, you can continue to play the game even past October 31st but our team of engineers and customer service will only be on hand to support you until November 30th 2021.

28-10-2021, 19:12
I downloaded it recently when I got a new phone (well, somewhat of a phone, the Galaxy Fold 3). I hadn't tried it before that and I was a little shocked at the controls. I was expecting something closer to Real Racing 3 from a controls standpoint. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't something that pulled me in....

28-10-2021, 19:14
Funny, i only downloaded it 10 days ago for the same reason :cool:

28-10-2021, 22:21
I have been critical of how SMS has been communicating in the past, but I have to say the style of this message is very promising for the future IMO. Not hiding behind typical PR talk that usually says nothing, this is a completely honest message, stating why the game has (I assume) failed, not blaming anyone, explaining the situation, even apologizing and offering refunds, and giving a nice promise for the future, without exaggerations. You could argue that this is how it should always be, but very often this is not the norm in business, so big thumbs up for this one from me, for what my opinion is worth.