We have just started an exciting and ambitious project over at xboxlivesports.com where we will be featuring competitions featuring just about every sports game imaginable on the xbox.

We are having a soft opening (beta testing if you like) from Friday 18th November at 8pm GMT whilst we work out kinks and build the infrastructure for all that sporting action, which will be starting in earnest in the early new year.

Anyone is welcome to come and join us and contribute to help us build a community, but we are particularly looking for anyone willing to give up their free time to help staff the site, manage events, write content, graphics and videos, help new members, manage social media etc etc. We would pay if we could, but we are doing it for free as well.

Previous experience isn't necessary, as long as you have an interest in sports and gaming, don't like or promote cheating and can act in an appropriate manner, then come along and get on board the juggernaut

Why don't you follow us on Social Media, just search: Xbox Live Sports. We also have a club setup on the Xbox as well.